Catalog 2015-2016

Standards of Student Conduct

Hendrix operates with standards that serve as guides to the development, modification, and enforcement of specific regulations. Enrollment at Hendrix places on the student the responsibility to be aware of both the principles and regulations. Specific regulations may be found under appropriate headings in the Hendrix College Student Handbook that can be found on the Student Affairs web pages: Behavioral principles or standards include the following: 

     1. Students are expected to maintain standards of conduct befitting maturing and responsible citizens of an academic community and reflecting the purposes of the College. The obstruction or disruption of the work of the College              will not be tolerated. 

     2. All members of the community are expected to exhibit integrity and personal honesty in the classroom and in other campus affairs. Evidence of dishonesty, such as theft or plagiarism, is cause for disciplinary action. 

     3. Personal behavior of members of the community must conform to standards of propriety congenial to our heritage and aims and to the laws of the state and nation. 

     4. Student-sponsored social events must be consistent with the standards of the College.

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