Catalog 2015-2016

Academic Records

Transcript of Record

The Registrar prepares, maintains, and permanently retains a record of each student’s academic work. Student files of pertinent documents are maintained up to five years following the last date of attendance. Students may view their documents in the Office of the Registrar.

The permanent record is the transcript, which reflects all undergraduate and graduate work completed at Hendrix College and work completed at other institutions but applied toward the student's Hendrix degree. It lists chronologically the courses, units, grades, cumulative GPA, and total units.

Transcript Requests

Official transcripts bearing the Hendrix College seal and the Registrar’s signature will be sent via first-class mail to other schools, institutions, or agencies, upon written request by a student or alumnus. To request an official transcript one should complete a “Transcript Request” form (available at the Office of the Registrar or write to the Office of the Registrar (Attn: Transcripts, Hendrix College, 1600 Washington Avenue, Conway, AR 72032). Requests and completed forms may also be emailed from a Hendrix email address to or faxed to (501) 450-1420. Requests must include the student’s name while in attendance at Hendrix, their Social Security Number and/or student I.D. number, dates of attendance, their current phone number, and their signature for release. Transcripts may also be requested by students with an active Campus Web account by accessing their Campus Web account and clicking on the “Transcript Request” link under Academics. Requests made in this manner will follow the same processing procedures as requests made in writing. Official transcripts are not available to students who have any outstanding financial or administrative obligations to the College.

Transcripts and first-class mail are provided free of charge as a service to students and alumni. Transcripts are usually mailed within three to five business days, though a student may request that mailing does not occur until grades are posted. Other special methods of delivery may be available by request for an additional charge. Transcripts of work completed elsewhere must be requested directly from the campus or institution concerned.

Unofficial transcripts for personal or on-campus use are available through the same transcript request procedures. Any transcript that is sent by fax is considered unofficial. Students who are currently enrolled may obtain and print an unofficial transcript through their campus web account.

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