Catalog 2015-2016

Student Outreach Services

The Office of Student Outreach Services (SOS) engages all segments of the student population with services, resources, programs, networks, prevention(s) and/intervention(s)to increase successful and positive student experiences throughout their time in the Hendrix community. 

Sometimes questions arise for which there are no quick or obvious answers, such as a unique or special need, a fear, a non-disclosed disability, or a personal concern. SOS was created to help students clarify the issue(s) and find the help you need. SOS will guide students to resources which can help them overcome obstacles and get the most from their Hendrix experience. 

SOS also works with personal and professional assessment tools to assist in determining or confirming a major, skill sets, or abilities via self-testing. We also provide a series of workshops that are designed to help address, or prevent, problems that many students encounter in their first year or two of college. 

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