Catalog 2015-2016

Medical Humanities

Teaching Faculty

Professors Capek and Schmidt 
Associate Professors Campolo, Pfau (chair), and Stuber 
Assistant Professors Evans and Kennedy


Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary program that approaches questions of medicine, health, and disease from a variety of fields in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. It focuses on the ways that medicine and the biological sciences function within specific historical, social, and cultural contexts, and the ways that culture impacts the individual experience of illness and the practice of medicine, in the modern United States and in other times and places.

Minor in Medical Humanities

6 courses distributed as follows:

  • 2 courses from the Humanities:
              CLAS 255 Medical Etymology
              ENGL 249 Literature and/as Illness
              PHIL 225 Ethics and Medicine
              PHIL 350 Philosophy of Science
              RELI 262 Science and Religion
  • 2 courses from the Social Sciences:
              ANTH/ASIA 205 Food, Nutrition and Health in Asia
              ANTH/ASIA 305 Asian Medical Traditions
              HIST 227 Medicine and Disease in Pre-Modern Europe
              HIST 339 Epidemics and Society
              POLI 100 Topics in Politics: Global HIV/AIDS
              PSYC 351 Health Psychology
              SOCI 380 Medicine and Culture
  • 2 additional courses from the above lists.

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