Catalog 2015-2016

Transfer Credits

Students requesting transfer credit for courses already taken must first request an official transcript from the originating institution be sent to the Office of the Registrar. Transfer credit may be accepted, subject to the following conditions and restrictions.

The course(s) offered for transfer must be comparable in academic quality to Hendrix courses, have originated at an accredited institution, and have a recorded grade of C or better. Credit or Pass grades will not be accepted in transfer. For incoming transfer students, one credit will be awarded for every four semester-hours of accepted transfer work, rounding to the nearest whole credit. Once a student has matriculated at Hendrix, one credit will be awarded for every accepted transfer course, provided the transfer course carries at least three semester-hours of academic weight.

Transfer credit must originate from courses taken at an accredited institution and those courses must appear on the student’s transcript from the originating institution. No transfer credit is awarded for courses that have been applied toward an earned baccalaureate degree.

Current students are strongly urged to seek transfer approval from their adviser and the Registrar prior to enrollment in any course for which transfer approval might be sought. A form for this purpose may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. The number of transfer courses that can be used to fulfill graduation requirements is determined by the residency requirement in item VI of the Program for the Bachelor of Arts Degree.

If a course is accepted for transfer credit, the grade from the originating institution will not appear on the Hendrix transcript unless the originating institution has a direct, formal institutional exchange agreement with Hendrix. Transfer grades from institutions that are in direct, formal institutional exchange agreements with Hendrix (such as programs sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the South, Graz, ISEP, and Heilongjiang University) will be recorded but not calculated in the Hendrix grade point average. Transfer grades will be recorded and included in the Hendrix grade point average if Hendrix is the originating institution (such as the Accademia dell’ Arte, Hendrix-in-London, and Costa Rica programs). A course transferred in as a repeat course may not be used to replace a grade earned in the original Hendrix course.

Note: Credit Based on Departmental Placement Policy

The Departments of Foreign Languages, Music, and Mathematics and Computer Science have placement policies that may result in a course credit being awarded after completion of a higher level course. The total number of additional credits in each discipline that can be obtained by a student under these policies is limited to one credit.

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