Catalog 2015-2016

Costs for Academic Year 2015-2016

Fixed Charges

Tuition Structure1
Students enrolled Fall 2012 and thereafter
Full-time Tuition ($20,260 per semester) $40,520
Part-time Tuition (per course, up to two courses) $5,066
Students enrolled Fall 2009 and before Fall 2012
Full-time Tuition ($20,110 per semester) $40,220
Part-time Tuition (per course, up to two courses) $5,028

Board Options
Unlimited Plan ($2,727 per semester) $5,454
10-Meal Plan2 ($1730 per semester) $3,460
5-Meal Plan2 ($885 per semester) $1,770

Housing Options3

Residence Halls
Standard Rate ($2,895 per semester) $5,790
Triple as a double4 ($4,343per semester) $8,686
Double as a single4 ($4,343per semester) $8,686

Residence Houses and Market Square South
Double occupancy ($2,935 per semester) $5,870
Single occupancy ($3,224 per semester) $6,448
Double as a single4 ($4,403 per semester) $8,806

Residence Apartments
Tier One (Clifton, Huntington, and Front Street Apartments)  
Double occupancy ($3,275 per semester) $6,550
Triple occupancy ($2,635 per semester) $5,270
Tier Two (Corner and Village Apartments)  
Standard Rate ($3,533 per semester) $7,066
Double as a triple4 ($2,862 per semester) $5,724
Theme Houses  
Double Occupancy ($2,895 per semester) $5,790
Single Occupancy ($3,080 per semester) $6,160

Student Activity Fee
Full-time Student ($150 per semester) $350
Part-time Student (per course, up to two courses) $38

Additional Charges, if Applicable

Each Additional Course (exceeding four (4) courses)5 $2,200
Course Audit Fee (see Audit Policy in Academic Policy section) $1,000
Health Insurance Fee (all uninsured students) $1,487
Tuition Insurance Plan (through AWG Dewar) $349
Auto Decal (per auto, per year) $80
Replacement ID Charge $25
Private Music Lesson Fee (no more than 13 lessons per semester)
½ hour individual lesson ($150 per semester) $300
1 hour individual lesson ($300 per semester) $600
Group lesson ($100 per semester) $200
Technology Services Charges As incurred
Chemistry Lab Fee (per course, excess breakage billed separately) $40
Art Supply Fee (per course) $40
Activity Course Fee 5 $40
Bowling Fee (facility charge) $80
Golf Fee (facility charge) $100
Diploma Reorder Fee $50

Fines and Penalties

These charges are avoidable and are charged as incurred.

Charge for adding a course after deadline (each course) $100
Late Payment Charge (added the day after each due date) $100
Interest Charge (5%) per annum on unpaid balances As incurred
Returned Check Charge (each check) $30
Early move-in or late move-out (per day) $75
Auto Fines (assessed by Public Safety) As incurred
Library Fines (assessed by the Library) As incurred
Residence Hall Damage (assessed by the Housing Office) As incurred
Conduct/Disciplinary Fines (assessed by the Dean of Students) As incurred

1Students who first enrolled prior to Fall 2009 are subject to the Enrolled Fall 2012 and after student tuition rate.

2Available only for Hendrix Apartment students, Language House Residents, or off-campus students.

3All residence hall and residence house charges include basic phone service (on an opt-in basis only), internet access, and cable television. Apartment fees now include utilities which in prior periods were paid directly to the provider by the student. The College reserves the right to charge for excessive usage or to reward conservation of utilities.

4These room rates are only available under special circumstances as approved by the Office of Residence Life.

5Fifth course fees and activity course fees are final after the ninth day of classes. No refunds will be made after this time if any one session has been attended.

If monthly payments are preferred by parents and/or guardians, Hendrix College allows an interest-free payment program through Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  TMS offers a 5 payment option for each semester.  Monthly payments are made directly to TMS based on the contracted amount.  There is a $54 enrollment fee for each semester.  CAUTION: Contracting with TMS for the incorrect amount of tuition and fees may result in an outstanding balance.

Students and parents are strongly advised to seek information from the Office of Financial Aid about available financial aid and loan plans.  Some financial aid and loans may require up to six weeks for completion.  Delays at registration can be avoided by timely application for aid or loans.

If a student leaves the College, any unpaid balance will accrue interest at a rate of 5% per annum.  The leave date for these purposes is defined as either an official graduation or the official leave date as recorded with the Office of the Registrar.  The College reserves the right to revise the above rate annually without prior notice.

Any balance not paid within 60 days from the official leave date will be turned over to an outside collection agency.  The student will be responsible for any additional expense associated with the collection of debt.  Notifications of unpaid balances will be sent to the student’s e-mail account, student’s address on file, and student’s telephone number on file.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure correct contact information prior to leaving the College.

Any student residing in on-campus housing will be assigned to the unlimited meal plan.  The 10- and 5-meal plans are only available to students living in residence apartments or off-campus.  All meal plan changes must be requested through the Office of Residential Life by the following deadlines:

 Fall Semester  By July 15, 2015 
Spring Semester  By November 15, 2015 

No meal plan changes can be made after these deadlines.

Auto decals are provided by the Office of Public Safety.  Every student is assessed an auto decal fee.  The auto decal fee of $80.00 is assessed for any student who registers a vehicle on campus at any point during the year.  No discounts are given on this fee related to when a vehicle is registered.  If the student will not have an automobile on campus they must sign an auto decal waiver to receive a credit.  This waiver must be signed by the end of the second week of classes.  Waivers can be processed electronically through Campus Web.

Fees assessed for music lessons, individual or group, are non-refundable once a student has attended one session.

The summary of basic charges does not include key deposits, the cost of books, or fees for special courses.  The cost of books varies with the student’s courses.  A student can expect to spend approximately $1,100 per year on books.

The normal student course load is four courses per semester.  Students who register for extra courses (with special permission from the Registrar) must pay, prior to the beginning of class, an additional $2,200.00 for each additional course taken.  This fee is non-refundable if the student attends the extra course for one session.

Hendrix students are required to submit proof of health insurance.  The submission process is completed online and must be completed each academic year.  An elective health insurance plan is available through an independent company.  The Business Office provides detailed information about the plan prior to each academic year.  If proof of insurance has not been submitted online each year by the published deadline, an automatic charge for health insurance will be assessed.  Once the deadline to complete this process has passed, no refunds can be given.

Students are responsible for the individual or family insurance coverage of personal belongings and automobiles brought to the campus.  Hendrix College will not assume any liability for accidental loss or damage incurred.

Hendrix College reserves the right to adjust the charges for tuition, fees, room, and board without formal notice.

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