Catalog 2015-2016

Schedule Changes

It is the student’s responsibility to initiate and complete the necessary procedures for making course schedule changes such as adding, dropping, and withdrawing from a course. These changes must be performed by the student’s advisor online or in the Registrar’s Office with a completed “Add/Drop Form” in accordance to deadlines in the academic calendar.

Adding a Course

The deadline for adding a course to a student’s schedule is the second Friday of classes. Any student adding a course after this deadline must secure the explicit written consent of the instructor. Additions made after the deadline are subject to a $100 late fee. Departmental placement policies may authorize transitions from certain courses to other courses within the same discipline beyond this deadline without a late fee assessment. Students may add physical activity classes and musical activity classes with neither a signature nor penalty fee for an additional one week following the deadline.

Dropping a Course

The deadline for dropping a course from a student's schedule without having that course appear on their academic transcript is the fifth Friday of classes.

Withdrawing From a Course

After the fifth Friday of classes and until the tenth Friday of classes, a student may withdraw from a course with a grade of W. A grade of W does not count towards the (semester or cumulative) GPA computation. After the deadline for withdrawing a student may not withdraw from a course.

Students who register for a course but never attend classes for that course are still required to initiate and complete the necessary course drop or course withdrawal procedure outlined above. Simply not attending class does not guarantee a student’s automatic removal from that course and may even result in the grade of F for that course.

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