Catalog 2015-2016

Home-Schooled Student Admission

  1. Complete the Hendrix application or the Common Application online or mail a completed application to Hendrix. You may access both applications and other required application materials at
  2. If the applicant is completing his or her high school work through a diploma-granting institution, the applicant will need to submit evidence of the coursework completed along with an indication of level of performance. In the absence of a transcript, we ask that the student submit a portfolio of the work the student feels is most indicative of his or her academic achievements. This may include grades from an accredited college or university, scores from AP tests, examples of independent research, evidence of completed units in science, English or other concrete academic subjects, or descriptions of books and other curricular materials used and mastered in preparation for college-level courses. GED results may also be submitted if available.
  3. Interviews are not a required part of the admission process, but are strongly encouraged. The Office of Admission reserves the right to require an interview as part of the admission process, if deemed necessary.
  4. An applicant must take the ACT or the SAT and request that his or her scores be sent to Hendrix. There is no preference as to which test is taken, but Hendrix strongly urges all applicants to take either the ACT or the SAT during their junior and/or senior year of high school. Note that scores from the ACT and SAT writing tests are not considered when evaluating candidates for admission. The Hendrix ACT code is 0128, and the SAT code is 6273.
  5. Letters of recommendation are particularly important for home-schooled applicants, and we encourage applicants to provide us with at least one recommendation from an individual who can evaluate the applicant not only as a student but as an individual and member of the community. While we value recommendations from family members, we ask that applicants also include a third-party reference from a non-family member such as a qualified tutor, mentor or teacher.

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