Catalog 2015-2016

Phi Beta Kappa

Members in course are elected to Phi Beta Kappa primarily on the basis of broad cultural interests, scholarly achievement, and good character.

The Phi Beta Kappa Society sets the minimum requirements that must be met in order for a student to be considered for election. Beyond the College’s graduation requirements under the Foreign Language capacity, students whose mother tongue is English must complete a 200-level foreign language class. Fulfillment of the College’s graduation requirements under the Quantitative Skills Capacity generally satisfies the minimum criterion in this area for Phi Beta Kappa eligibility, though completion of one or more courses in mathematics is viewed favorably. At least three-fourths of the degree program must be in liberal arts work, i.e., not applied or professional work. Grades earned in applied or professional coursework are not counted in the GPA for purposes of Phi Beta Kappa eligibility. Applied and professional work includes all training intended to develop vocational skills or techniques. These courses include, but are not limited to, applied education and accounting courses.

Weight is given to the breadth of the program of study as shown by the number, variety, and level of courses taken outside the major(s). Weight also is given to the balance and proportion of the candidate’s degree program as a whole. Therefore, exploration of areas outside the major(s) beyond the minimum coursework required for graduation will strengthen a student’s qualifications.

Members are elected during the spring semester each year. In general, the Hendrix chapter considers only students who are in their last semester prior to graduation or who completed their degrees the previous December.

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