Catalog 2015-2016

The Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics, and Calling

In the formation of both its curricular and its co-curricular expectations, Hendrix College appeals to two founding traditions: the liberal arts and the United Methodist Church.  The educational ideals of both traditions hold that education is not merely about what our students know but who they become, not about mere information gathering but character and spiritual formation as well.  An educational mission shaped around these ideals asks those who are learning, and those who are teaching, to make education speak to the questions of vocation:  Why am I here and what shall I do with my time and talents?  Who am I, and what kind of person should I strive to become?  What sort of life’s work will I find fulfilling and meaningful? Among the things the world needs done, what is it my enduring passion to do?  What does my God ask of me? Providing programming that encourages and assists students in the exploration of vocational questions and the consequent discernment of call is the purpose of the Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics, and Calling

The Miller Center provides weekly programs as well as weekend retreats on vocational discernment; it directs domestic and international mission trips, supports internships at non-profit agencies and faith-based institutions, and supervises a scholarship program for students committed to the exploration of call through service to others. The Center hosts visiting scholars, supports courses on vocation, and leads workshops for faculty and staff on the vocation of teaching at a church-related, liberal arts college. 

The Miller Center provides programming for individuals across all religious and philosophical perspectives; however, in honor of the Methodist heritage of the College, some elements are designed specifically to assist those exploring a Christian vocation, whether through professional ministry or active lay leadership.  Through the Center, students may participate in a ministry exploration group, apply for support to visit seminaries, intern with pastors, and attend spirituality retreats. 

Several Miller Center programs are pre-approved for credit towards the Odyssey graduation requirement. See the Odyssey Program Guide for details.

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