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Miller Center logoA generous grant from the Lilly Endowment enables Hendrix College to offer the Hendrix-Lilly Vocations Initiative, titled “Vocation and Integrity: A Call to Wholeness.” By promoting the service to those in need, the participation in faith communities, and the identification of worthy values, the Initiative encourages students to reflect on what their life’s work should truly be.

The Vocations Initiative designs and funds retreats, volunteer service projects, and travel opportunities; visiting scholars, academic courses, student research and national conferences; opportunities for theological discernment and building spiritual discipline; occasions for “shadowing” and interning with community leaders. All these offerings and opportunities are designed to help participants explore the content and nature of their calling. They are designed to assist students, and the staff or faculty working with them, with the process of integrating what daily life so often fragments: faith and knowledge, information and values, self-fulfillment and service, secular duties and faith commitment; wage-earning and calling.

Recognizing the diversity in our community, the Hendrix-Lilly Vocations Initiative provides points of entry appropriate for students of any religious heritage and those with no religious tradition at all. In honor of the religious tradition of the College, however, some elements of the Vocations Initiative are designed specifically to assist those students exploring a Christian vocation, whether through professional ministry or active lay leadership.


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