Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics and Calling

Your Hendrix Odyssey and the Miller Center

Through their Miller Center activities students often engage the world beyond the campus in a way that broadens their understanding of the world and deepens their understanding of themselves. Miller Center activities form part of the engaged learning environment that is the Hendrix Odyssey.

Programs found in the list below are pre-approved for Odyssey credit. Students do not need to make separate application to the Odyssey Office for credit; simply complete a "Statement of Intent" form for the pre-approved activity. However, at the close of the experience, students who desire an Odyssey credit for the experience do need to fill out a Project Completion Form, have it signed by their Miller Center facilitator, and return it to the Odyssey Office.

It is possible that other activities of the Miller Center can be combined or formed into an Odyssey-credit-bearing experience.  Interested students should feel free to discuss their ideas for Odyssey projects with the Miller Center Director Rev. Ellen Alston

Miller Center Activities Pre-Approved for Odyssey Credit:

Miller Center Mission Trips (SW or GA)   

Miller Center Internships (SW or PL)

Miller Center Service Scholars Program (PL or SW)

Miller Center Seminary Semester (PL)

Miller Center Senior SW Project

"The Senior SW" is a pre-approved Odyssey project in the Service to the World category facilitated through the Miller Center. As with every Odyssey project, seniors must indicate that they are participating prior to the start of the project by signing a "Statement of Intent." Retroactive service hours cannot count. Participants volunteer 30 hours through pre-approved projects from the Miller Center and complete a "Service Response Form" after each project as well as reflect in a 1-2 page paper about the overall experience.