Frequently Asked Questions


What is the academic calendar?
You may view the daily class calendar here. Once you are on that page, you may open a PDF of the academic year calendar linked at the top of the page under Academic Calendars. 

How do students get a course schedule?
Pre-registration typically opens during the second half of July on the student checklist.  Pre-registration allows students to consider classes and practice making a course schedule.  None of this is time sensitive or binding. There are wonderful resources for this task on CampusWeb. On a full screen, look at the left menu bar under Academics -> Academic Resources. 

New students are assigned a faculty advisor to guide them through the first year or two of academics.  Once on-campus for Orientation, the student, in consultation with their faculty academic advisor, will create the final request for classes.   

When will students meet with advisors?
The first official Group Advising Meetings will be held during orientation, typically Wednesday afternoon.  Students will meet with their advisor in small groups (10-14) to discuss the curriculum and considerations for a first schedule.  Returning Hendrix students will assist with this process. Individual advisee-advisor meetings will follow on Thursday and Friday to complete the draft schedule. The final, and usually incomplete, schedules are typically available late Sunday night.  New student drop/add opens on-campus at 8 am the Monday before classes start.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to educate themselves on the Hendrix curriculum so they can ask questions of their student.  Parents and guardians may access resources in CampusWeb found in the left menu bar under Academics -> Academic Resources. 

Where should a student go for advice on academic questions?
Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who is a great resource for academic questions. Your student should feel free to use his/her advisor to the fullest extent appropriate to their needs and concerns. If students are having trouble in a particular class, they should not hesitate to speak with their professor. All faculty members at Hendrix are extremely approachable. They take a special interest in the academic success of each of their students. Each professor has regularly scheduled office hours during which he/she is readily available to students.

The Office of Academic Success provides peer-led tutoring each semester, support for students with disabilities, and help for students who haven’t decided on a major. Also, Career Services has many resources and aptitude tests that can be used to facilitate the search for a major. Residence Assistants (RAs), Academic Peer mentors, other staff members, and peers also frequently provide assistance.

How do I see my student's grades?
At the middle and end of each semester, grades are posted first in the student's Campus Web account. Grades are posted later in the parents' and guardians' Campus Web account once they are finalized after exams. During the registration process, students may request to have grade  information sent to parents’ and guardians' CampusWeb accounts. By federal law (FERPA), the College may disclose students' grade information to their parents and guardians either a) with the student’s written consent or b) without the student’s written consent if the student is dependent on his or her parents and guardians as defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  

How are transfer credits handled?
Courses offered for transfer must be taken at an accredited institution. The courses must be comparable in academic quality to Hendrix courses; transfer credit will be denied for courses that do not meet this standard. Accordingly, students are strongly advised to seek transfer approval from the Office of the Registrar using the form provided for this purpose prior to enrollment in any course for which transfer approval might be sought. Transfer credit will be considered only for courses worth three credit hours in which the grade of C or better is recorded. Credit or Pass grades will not be accepted in transfer except for PE or music activities. If a course is accepted for credit, it will be recorded as a transfer credit. No grade points from such transfer courses will be calculated into your Hendrix grade point average. However, grades transferred for courses taken in residence at institutions for which Hendrix has a direct, formal institutional exchange agreement are exempt from this policy and will be recorded. Courses transferred in may not be used to substitute improved grades earned at Hendrix. For a complete description of Academic policies, including transcripts and the Advanced Placement Program, please consult the Hendrix College Catalog.

Business Office

How do I pay tuition and other bills?
The College offers several methods of payment. Cash payments are accepted and receipted in the Business Office in Fausett Hall. Checks, money orders or cashier checks may be mailed to the Business Office at 1600 Washington Avenue, Conway, Arkansas 72032, or receipted at the Business Office. Information for electronic wire transfers may be obtained through the Business Office. Credit cards can only be processed through Student Account Center, and fees may be assessed for card payments. 

The College also offers a delayed payment plan through NelNet. For an enrollment fee of $50.00 per semester, you can to set up a contract to budget your expenses per semester. The balance is paid in monthly installments throughout the semester to NelNet. Payment plans established through NelNet adjust automatically if the balance is reduced or increased. All questions pertaining to charges and methods of payment should be directed to the Business Office at (501) 450-1333 or All questions pertaining to charges and methods of payment should be directed to the Student Account Manager, (501) 450-1336. More information is also available from the Office of Financial Aid at or (501) 450-1368.

Do students need medical insurance to attend Hendrix?
Yes, all Hendrix students are required to have proof of insurance in the form of a copy of the front and back of their insurance card. Students can demonstrate health coverage or must purchase the College plan for $2,125 for 2022-2023. Students may enroll or waive this coverage by August 1, or they will be charged for the College plan on their tuition bill. The College plan must be waived annually to avoid being charged.  

Why is there a $160.00 fee for a parking decal on my student’s account? My student doesn’t have a car.
The $160.00 decal fee will be charged to every student’s account before the fall semester. Students who do not bring a vehicle will receive a refund of the fee upon completion of a vehicle waiver form through their Campus Web accounts. Students must submit the waiver form. Parents and guardians cannot submit it.

Computer Recommendations

What do students need for a computer at Hendrix?
Students are not required to have their own computers. If you wish to bring one, Hendrix Technology Services offers recommendations for your computer that will allow you to connect to the Hendrix Network. This information and more can be found on the IT Help Desk webpage.

Financial Aid

How do students apply for financial aid?
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed online here. The Office of Financial Aid provides information, applications, and assistance to students who are pursuing a degree at Hendrix and who want to obtain financial aid. For applications or further information about requirements for obtaining financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid at or (501) 450-1368.  

If a student files FAFSA and qualifies for aid, the amount is automatically added to the student’s account, thus lowering the tuition balance due. If the student removes the aid package from the account, the tuition total increases by the amount of the financial aid. 

Can we apply for a loan?  
There are several types of loans for which parents and students may apply. Read more about loans here.  

Health Services and Counseling

Where do students go for medical needs? 
Students can see an Advanced Practice Nurse at the Conway Regional Hendrix Medical Clinic. Find a list of pharmacies and other medical services here. Students also can meet privately with the Counseling Services on campus free-of-charge.  

Can family members call the Health Center to find out about a student's health?
Medical and treatment records for patients of Hendrix Health Services and Counseling Center are confidential and are NOT shared with any other department of the college or person, including parents and guardians, except with written permission from the patient. Students must sign a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) release form giving permission to the nurse or counselor to talk with parents and guardians. See the Health Services FAQs for more information.

What other services do you offer?
Student Outreach Services (SOS) will help students identify their needs and connect them with the most helpful office to seek resolutions.

Residence Life

What staff members are available within the residence halls to assist students?
Each hall has at least four Resident Assistants who are trained upper-class students available to aid students with most concerns. Further, a professional Residence Life Area Coordinator who can assist with students’ needs/concerns supervises each residence hall. Students who have personal concerns or questions related to housing should contact any member of the Residence Life Staff.

Do students need a car?
No. While approximately 60% of students bring a car to campus, many do not drive them daily. Restaurants, shops, pharmacies, banks, and Walmart are a short walk from campus. Often students will carpool with others to places that are far from campus.  Bicycles can be useful for local traveling, too. Hendrix Public Safety encourages students to register their bikes through their Campus Web account in order to assist law enforcement in recovering the bicycle if it is ever stolen. 

During holidays are students allowed to stay on campus?
The Residence Halls and Apartments close for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break each year. However, students who need to stay in housing over those break times can request to stay, at no additional charge, in campus housing during those breaks. Application forms for break housing are distributed approximately 2-3 weeks prior to break. Please keep in mind that the dining hall is closed during these breaks. We strongly encourage students to go home over Winter Break because of the length of that break. If you have any further questions concerning housing, please contact the Office of Residence Life at or (501) 450-1416..

Do students need Renter's Insurance?
It's always best to talk with your insurance provider to learn what is covered under your homeowner's policy. Generally students living in residence halls, under the age of 26, are covered by their parents' and guardians' policy. Students living in apartments or other off-campus housing may need their own renter's insurance to cover damaged or stolen property. 

How much spending money will students need per month?
That will vary after considering their family's unique financial circumstances and their expected living and educational expenses. It is best to discuss finances and prepare a budget of expected expenses and resources before students come to Hendrix. There are several questions to take into consideration: Will you have a car? Will you have a job during the school year? Will you pay your own phone bill? What type of lifestyle are you currently used to living?

How many hours of off-campus work (job) should students consider?
We recommend that students work no more than 15 hours per week. Student workers on campus typically work eight hours per week. Anything over 20 hours is considered full-time employment. Academics come first at Hendrix. Although many students on campus have outside employment, the key to their success has been learning to budget their time. A good resource for new students is to talk with current students who also hold a job and see what advice they may have to share.

Student Affairs 

What is the OneCard and Dining Dollars?
Hendrix offers one meal plan for incoming students: Unlimited Meal Plan. 
Students must present their OneCard (ID card) to gain entry to the dining room. Meals plans may only be used by the cardholder. If all meals for the week have been used, a student may access Dining Dollars to purchase a meal. Dining Dollars may also be used to pay for guests. Students also can add personal deposits to their account that may be used to make purchases in the Burrow, the Dining Room, the Spirit Store, and at some vending machines on campus. Personal deposits may be added by visiting here. The cafeteria is an all-you-care-to-eat venue; however, all food must be consumed inside the dining room. For more information, including hours of operation and menus, visit Dining Services

Is there a shuttle that takes students to and from the airport?
The Office of Student Affairs offers a shuttle to and from the Little Rock airport for Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break. The cost of the shuttle is $10 each way and will be billed to the student's account. Reservations are required at least one week before break. The signup sheet and payment forms are available in the Student Affairs Office 209 in the Student Life and Technology Center. If the shuttle schedule is not convenient for a student's flight, he or she can ask friends or call for taxi service to the airport (approximately $80 each way).

How can I reach my student in case of an emergency?
In an emergency situation during normal business hours, contact the Office of Student Affairs at (501) 450-1222 if you are unable to reach your student. You may also contact Residence Life, if necessary. If you are faced with a serious emergency after normal business hours, you may contact a member of our Campus Public Safety team who will contact a staff member. Please reserve this procedure for emergencies only. The Hendrix College Public Safety Department number is (501) 450-7711.

How can students vote while in school?
If students don't want to vote with an absentee ballot in their home district, they may change their permanent address to Hendrix College and register to vote in Faulkner County. The College sets up voting booths on campus for national elections. 

Study Abroad

Does Hendrix College have a travel insurance policy that covers students who are abroad?
Hendrix has an international travel insurance policy that covers students when they are traveling abroad on institution-sponsored trips. Read about it here. Depending on the program in which they are participating, students may be required to purchase additional insurance. For more information contact

Conway Resources

How can students receive packages and mail?
All packages mailed to students via USPS, UPS, and FedEx should be addressed to:

Student Name
1600 Washington Avenue
Box # (not P.O. Box)
Conway, AR 72032

Students will receive emails to pick up packages from the Mail Room window during regular business hours M-F from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Perishable gifts or gifts ordered locally, such as flowers, balloons, and cakes, can be delivered to:

Student Name
Student Services Office on the 2nd Floor of the SLTC at Hendrix

Students will be notified via email on the day of delivery and can pick up their gifts by 4 p.m. daily.

Where can I buy gifts for my student?
Call Ye Olde Daisy Shoppe at (800) 748-9207 or Tipton Hurst at (501) 329-6663  to have flowers delivered to Hendrix. PattiCakes Bakery at (501) 205-1969, Ed's Custom Bakery at (501) 327-2996, Maggie’s Original Cookie Company at (501) 336-9600, and Julie's Sweet Shoppe at (501) 205-4301 have delicious treats. Blue Barn Bakery at (501) 358-6085 has options for special dietary restrictions. 

Are there banks close to campus? 
TruService Credit Union is the only bank with an ATM in the SLTC and an office on campus.
Partners Bank is located in The Village at Hendrix. 

What can I do when I come to Conway to visit?
In Central Arkansas you can enjoy the arts, baseball, lakes, mountains, and much more.  Learn more about Conway.

Where should I stay and eat when I come to Conway?  
See the list of hotels in Conway.  Some offer a special Hendrix rate to guests.  Your student will tell you his/her favorite restaurants so plan to eat out a lot!

Where are storage facilities located in Conway so my student can store his/her things during the summer?
There are many self-storage facilities in Conway. Several close to campus are listed below.

​Conway U Storage
(501) 514-1180
2824 Prince St.

Downtown Self Storage
(501) 932-3123
1510 Mill St

Mark's Mini Storage
(501) 932-0808
1709 N. Donaghey Ave

Store Smart - West Conway
(501) 450-0007 
3715 Prince St