Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics and Calling

Service Scholars

Miller Center Service Scholars are individuals who, having worked effectively and enthusiastically with volunteer service projects during their high school years, are committed to volunteering regularly while in college and resolved to make leadership through volunteer service a part of their future.

During each semester, Miller Center Service Scholars participate in a program with two components: service-to the-community and vocational reflection.  For the service component, each scholar volunteers for a specified number of hours at local non-profit agencies chosen by the student in consultation with their Miller Center advisor.  The vocational reflection component is designed to help scholars use their service experience to gain self-understanding, especially regarding the talents, personal goals, philosophical commitments, and social values they wish to weave into their academic and future career choices. Ten service hours are required each semester and reflection activities include book discussions each fall, written reflections each spring, and a senior presentation.  All scholars meet individually with their Miller Center advisor and participate in the Fall Service Scholar’s Retreat and Spring Focus Day. 

Odyssey Credit

Students completing the 4-year Service Scholarship program may choose to receive Odyssey credit in the SW (Service to the World) category.  Credit is received upon submission of an Odyssey Completion Form to the Odyssey Office spring of the Scholar’s Senior Year.

Scholarship Application

Information regarding application to the Miller Center Scholarship program is available through Admissions

To see what Service Scholars are all about, check out the Facebook page.

Heifer 2019 b

The Service Scholars on the 2018 Retreat to Heifer Ranch.