Catalog 2015-2016

Counseling Services

Individual counseling is available to all students at Hendrix College free of charge to help them develop lifelong skills for personal growth and successful management of conflicts and crises. A short-term counseling model is followed.  Most cases can be handled in ten sessions or less.  We will gladly help students locate community resources if they desire or need long-term therapy.  All sessions are confidential.  Information is released only a) upon a student’s written request, b) in circumstances which would result in clear danger to the student or others, or c) as required by law.  Typical issues include adjusting to college, stress management, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and grief work.   

Group counseling is offered each semester to meet the various needs of Hendrix students.  Groups may include grief work, sexual assault and abuse therapy, men’s issues, women’s issues, and substance abuse therapy, as well as other areas of concern.  Groups are led by trained professionals specializing in the identified area and are usually limited to 10 participants.    

Workshops are offered throughout the year on test anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, smoking cessation, and other problems. In addition, the Counseling Center sponsors substance abuse prevention and screening days such as National Depression Screening Day, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, National Alcohol Screening Day, and National Anxiety Screening Day. All programming events are led by Hendrix staff and may include off campus personnel specializing in particular skills.

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