Catalog 2015-2016

Security Deposit

As described in the “Admission Information” section of the Catalog, a new student who has been accepted for admission must make a $350 reservation deposit after notification of acceptance.  When a student is registered, $150 of the deposit will be credited to the student’s account, and the remaining $200 becomes a security deposit.  Any residence hall damage charges, library fines, parking fines, or other campus charges may be charged against the deposit.  Each student is required to restore the deposit to the $200 level at every registration period.  Unless forfeited as described below, the balance of the deposit will be refunded to the student 60 days after he or she graduates from the College. 

A student who withdraws from the College for any reason other than medical forfeits their security deposit.  A student who is on a leave of absence from the College and does not return at the end of the leave is considered to have voluntarily withdrawn and forfeits the security deposit.

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