Student Handbook

Community Contract

Reaching your best self at Hendrix requires personal commitment and active engagement. I, as a Hendrix student, understand that I am responsible for knowing the information contained in the College course catalog and the Student Handbook. I also understand that I am responsible for the following commitments:

A. Hendrix students are expected to attend class in accordance with the catalog and individual course syllabi. Students who regularly attend class have a better learning experience with stronger connections to their professors and their peers. Active engagement in class is essential to academic success; chronic absences typically result in reduced academic achievement, including failing grades.

B.  Hendrix students are expected to use, and respond to, official communication from the College (email, phone calls, and texts). Difficulty in accessing or utilizing Hendrix email or the website should be reported to the Media Center (SLTC first floor) or Students will be held responsible for information communicated via official mediums.

C.  Hendrix students are expected to tend to their own mental and physical health. Campus health resources are available for short-term conditions. Persistent or chronic health problems may require care beyond the campus resources. Students should discuss academic options with their advisor, professors, or the Office of Academic Success if persistent health concerns impact their ability to complete educational tasks.

D. Hendrix students should respect the educational environment of the community. The richness and diversity of the campus community is a defining factor at Hendrix, and students, staff and professors are protectors of as well as contributors to that community.   Behaviors that interfere with the educational pursuits of others may result in administrative action.


Student Handbook Contact Info

Jim Wiltgen
Dean of Students
(501) 450-1222

Michael Le Blanc
Assistant Dean of Students
Director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
(501) 450-1222

De Ann Huett
Administrative Assistant  
(501) 450-1222