Student Handbook

On-Campus Living Policies

Hendrix is a residential campus and as such all students are required to live on campus until they graduate unless they have permission from the Dean of Students to do otherwise. For more information, please see the section titled “Residence Requirement Exemption.”

Residence Life policies and community expectations contained in this section reflect the belief that everyone living in College-owned facilities plays a role in maintaining a living environment conducive to academic and personal growth. Each Hendrix resident has the right to live in a safe, peaceful, and secure environment. With these rights come the inherent responsibilities to uphold and practice integrity, patience, and respectfulness which contribute to a healthy living and learning environment.

We encourage you to read the following policies and procedures so that you fully understand and appreciate your rights and responsibilities while living in College-owned and operated housing. Residential facilities refer to halls, houses, or apartments in any facility owned and operated by Hendrix College for which a student has contracted a space.  Hendrix College reserves the right to update and/or change policies as deemed necessary.


Student Handbook Contact Info

Jim Wiltgen
Dean of Students
(501) 450-1222

Michael Le Blanc
Assistant Dean of Students
Director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
(501) 450-1222

De Ann Huett
Administrative Assistant  
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