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Residency Requirement Exemptions

Residency Requirement Exemptions

Hendrix is a residential college; therefore students are required to live in Hendrix-owned facilities. Residence Life is part of the College’s educational program in the belief that a residential community provides a more effective context for the type of education to which Hendrix is devoted. Students desiring to live off-campus must request exemption status due to a documented disability, financial need or medical need; be married; have dependent children; or, be 23 years of age by the first day of classes.  Students may also apply as a regular candidate and will be considered on a space available basis after other requests have been processed.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide sufficient documentation to justify exemption status. Students should not sign a lease until they are approved to reside off-campus.  Unless they are approved, students are still responsible for all College Housing Exemptions will not be made after July 1st. Off-campus permission is valid for one academic year. Students must request permission on a yearly basis. For more information regarding residency requirement exemptions, please visit the Office of Residence Life.

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