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Overview of Conduct Process

Overview of Conduct Process

An alleged violation of College standards or policies will first be reported. When deemed necessary, the allegations are investigated by an appropriate College official. This involves meeting with individuals involved in the situation and examining the circumstances of the complaint. If conduct charges are pursued, the student in question receives a written description of the specific alleged violation of College standards or policies (charge letter) and information regarding the conduct process. Evidence regarding the alleged violation may be reviewed but not kept by the student.  All reporting documentation remains in the student conduct folder.

The Dean of Students and Assistant Dean of Students reserve the right to remove a student from the campus, restrict access to campus property, or restrict contact with other College community members (no-contact order) prior to a formal hearing if there are concerns for the student’s emotional or physical welfare or for the well-being of the College community. On occasions when such action is necessary, a hearing will be held as soon as possible. Customarily, pending action taken by the College Conduct Council or pending an appeal, the status of a student and his or her right to be present on the campus or attend classes will not be altered.

Off-Campus Misconduct:  Once admitted to Hendrix College, students are expected to conduct behavior in accordance with the policies in the student handbook. In general, the College does not take disciplinary action for off-campus misconduct. At the discretion of the Dean of Students, Hendrix students may be subject to disciplinary proceedings even if those actions take place off-campus, through electronic media, or even if they take place outside of the normal academic year when the actions constitute a major violation of College policy or suggest a danger to the College community.  The College may initiate action whether or not legal action has been taken.      

On-Campus Misconduct and the Law Normally, on-campus misconduct by students will result in conduct action being taken on campus. On some occasions, however, the College may call on external law enforcement authorities and assist, as appropriate, these agencies in their investigation of alleged on-campus criminal activity. Specifically, actions that cause or threaten serious harm to members of the campus community or that severely impair the essential functions of the College may require the College to call upon off-campus authorities. On such occasions, outside authorities will be summoned only by an official of the College. Students should recognize that the College is obliged to report to off-campus authorities the commission of any act that is considered to be a serious crime.


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