Student Handbook

Right of Entry

The College respects an individual’s right to privacy; however, authorized College personnel may enter student rooms/apartments without notice for the reasons listed below:

  • For normal maintenance of College property.
  • To inspect for or make necessary repairs to rooms/apartments and equipment.
  • To verify occupancy.
  • Where there is determined to be imminent danger to life, health, safety or property.
  • To ensure that health and safety standards are being met.
  • When breach of College policies is suspected.

The College reserves the right to search a student’s room without notice when it is deemed necessary for the safety or the security of its residents. Any search of residence hall rooms conducted by the College will be carried out only with adequate cause and with authorization of the Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students or his/her designee. Resident(s) of the room are allowed to be present at the time of the search, though they may be asked to stand in the hallway or another designated area to not hinder the search.  Otherwise the students will be notified as soon as possible after the search is completed.  The College also reserves the right to search a student's vehicle parked on campus when it is deemed necessary for the safety and security of the campus community.

Authorized personnel must carry appropriate College identification and show it upon student request.  

Facilities Management Personnel

Two uniformed, ID carrying, Facilities Management staff members may enter a student’s room/apartment to make requested repairs, to facilitate repairs to another unit or to check the source of a known problem. When possible, notification of the entry and work performed will be left in the room/apartment if entry is made when the resident is not present.

While fulfilling their administrative responsibility to enforce College regulations, members of the Office of Residence Life staff may enter student rooms at any time.

An inspection of residence hall rooms will be conducted at least once each semester to ensure the observance of basic safety, fire and health standards, and to recover College furniture not issued to the student rooms. A one-day notice will be given for room inspection. If the resident is not present during the inspection, the Residence Life staff member will be accompanied by another member of the Residence Life.

In cases of emergencies, staff members may use a master key to enter the room/apartment. As a matter of courtesy, staff members will always knock on the door, announce who they are, and ask to enter the room/apartment. If there is no response or an unusual delay in opening the door, the staff member may use a master key to enter the room/apartment. The master key cannot be used to enter a student’s room/apartment to retrieve personal property.  College personnel will not grant access to student rooms/apartments to friends, relatives or other students without written request from the student.

Where vacancies exist in a room/apartment such vacancies may be shown to prospective occupants when accompanied by a member of the staff.  Insofar as is reasonable, advance notification will be given.

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Assistant Dean of Students
Director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
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