Student Handbook

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Note: The information presented in this section of the Handbook is intended to meet the provisions of the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act (1990), the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (1989), and the Higher Education Amendments (1992).  Through its programs and procedures, the Hendrix Alcohol and Other Drug Policy seeks to accomplish the following objectives: 

•    To promote a campus climate that encourages individuals to cultivate and exhibit mature, responsible, and lawful conduct relative to the possession and use of alcohol;

•    To encourage compliance with the laws of Faulkner County and the State of Arkansas regarding the possession, use, and sale of alcohol and other drugs;

•    To influence the social climate and expectations of the campus in ways that promote a positive, safe, and balanced social environment;

•    To provide educational programming that informs students of the potential dangers of alcohol and other drug abuse and promotes responsibility and moderation relative to alcohol use; and

•    To implement appropriate conduct mechanisms and sanctions for individuals who violate the standards set forth by the Policy.

The educational mission and the high standards of Hendrix require that the campus be free of all illegal drugs. Further, the College prohibits unlawful possession, use of, or distribution of drugs, including alcohol, by students and employees on Hendrix property or at any College-sponsored activity. See further information in the College Policies section of this handbook.

Where it may be effective, the College prefers a policy of developmental discipline and rehabilitative education, as opposed to mandatory punishment. The developmental nature of the College community raises the expectation that assistance will be offered to any member who is suffering from the abuse of any substance. This help may be in the form of educational programs, on-campus counseling, or off-campus counseling referrals. The College will terminate its relationship with students or employees who persist in their use of illegal drugs or in their unlawful possession of any substance, including alcohol. Violators of federal, state, and local laws related to illegal alcohol and drug use will be referred to the proper authorities for prosecution.

Hendrix College does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages. The display or consumption of alcohol is prohibited in all areas except apartments in Hendrix College-contracted housing, and in other campus locations where events are approved, on a case-by-case basis, by the Department of Student Affairs. Student events are alcohol-free unless otherwise designated.

Students of the College and their on-and off-campus guests who choose to possess and/or consume alcoholic beverages are expected to abide by the laws regarding alcohol in Faulkner County and the State of Arkansas. In matters relating to alcohol, Hendrix students will be held accountable for their own actions and for those of their guests. Irresponsible behavior resulting from the consumption of alcohol is not tolerated. Being under the influence of alcohol may affect sanctions for violating any College policy. Students not in compliance with the Hendrix College alcohol policy will be required to dispose of all alcoholic beverages in their possession or the alcohol will be confiscated and disposed of by a professional staff member or a Public Safety officer.

Amnesty Policy. The Hendrix College community discourages abuse or over-consumption of alcohol and the use of other illegal drugs. Abuse of these substances can create health emergencies for consumers. Sometimes, friends or bystanders are hesitant to report the health concern to College officials because they fear that they themselves may be accused of policy violations, such as underage drinking at the time of the incident. It is in the best interests of this community that health emergencies always be reported promptly to College officials. 


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