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Sanctions for Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy Violations

Sanctions for Alcohol and Controlled Substance Policy Violations

It is the intention of the College to create a policy that is effective in addressing drug and alcohol violations. The policy also should to be consistent and clear to students. For the policy to be most effective, it should include elements that help to deter future violations but also support the educational goals of our institution. Additionally, the policy should allow students to come forward to assist friends in need without penalty.            

Points Based Sanction System for Controlled Substance and Alcohol Violations             

The Points Based Sanction System (PBSS) establishes a 10 point system for alcohol and controlled substance sanctions. Points are assigned to each type of violation and are set in a standardized format. This change does not alter the process for student rights. Students still have a right to be charged in writing for policy violations and they have right to a hearing to address such charges. The points are applied only when a student accepts responsibility, or is found responsible, for their actions.                

In addition to holding students accountable for their actions, the system is also set to reward positive behavior and offers students three potential ways to reduce their point totals through action.                 

The system also offers points amnesty from controlled substance or alcohol-related violations to students who step forward to get medical assistance for themselves or others. While students who have consumed alcohol or controlled substances receive 0 points because they sought help for themselves, or others sought help for them, they still receive a conduct charge.    

There are additional sanctions for students who continue to accumulate points. Students who have repeat violations in the same semester receive an extra point for subsequent violations. 

Students who are at 6 points or more are placed on Conduct Probation and are not permitted to apply for or to study abroad, or live off campus.              

Any student who reaches 10 points will be required to take a medical leave of absence to address their alcohol/drug issues.

PointsDescription of ViolationFine*
0Medical Amnesty- Student who has consumed alcohol or drugs in violation of our policies but seeks help for self or another in need of emergency care-
1Consumption/possession of drugs or alcohol by underage guest of student-
1Possession of open container of alcohol for student 21+$25.00
2Public intoxication for students 21+$50.00
Possession of alcohol in traditional residence halls for students 21+ $50.00 
2Underage consumption or possession of alcohol  (2 points and $75 fine if in a traditional residence hall)$50.00
3Underage consumption or possession of hard alcohol (3 points and $100 fine if in a traditional residence hall)$75.00
3Providing hard-alcohol to underage student$125.00
3Use or possession of marijuana or paraphernalia$200.00
4Providing hard-alcohol to underage student$125.00
5Possession of a large common source of alcohol (Keg, punches with alcohol)$200.00
5Possession of an amount of marijuana that exceeds personal use$250.00
7Possession of illegal drugs (including prescription drugs) other than marijuana$250.00
7Drinking and driving with BAC above .08$250.00

* Students may request to complete service hours in lieu of a fine.  
** Hard alcohol refers to distilled spirits with an alcohol content greater than 15%.

Additional Points
The following points may be assigned in association with alcohol/drug use as part of the conduct process if the student is found responsible for the charge. If these violations are not associated with a drug/alcohol violation, they will be assessed through the regular hearing process. Only 1 additional point may be assessed for a single incident.  

PointsViolationOther Actions
1Failure to cooperate with College official or local law enforcement officer
1Possession or use of false identification
1Repeated sanction within same semester$50.00 fine 
1Vandalism of propertyRestitution

Actions Taken for Accumulation of Points               
Once a student reaches the total points listed below, they will be subject to the following restrictions based on those levels:     


4*Parental/*Coach/Office of Academic Success notification
6Placed on Conduct Probation- not permitted to apply for or to study abroad, live outside of campus housing, or access funding to college programs (Murphy, Odyssey, Miller, etc.
8Placed on Social Probation- not permitted to participate in college activities outside of classroom requirements  
10Required leave of absence to address alcohol/drug issues

*Coaches may be notified for drug violations before 4 points. Parents may be notified before 4 points in cases with extenuating circumstances.

Point Forgiveness
Students are able to reduce their point total with the following actions.  All reductions will be applied at the completion of the semester.

AFor each complete semester where a student is not responsible for a violation of these policies, the student's cumulative points will be reduced by ONE POINT. Any sanctions due that semester would have to be completed before the point reduction is applied.
BStudents have a one-time opportunity to successfully complete an alcohol education course and reduce their points by ONE POINT.
CStudents who successfully engage in counseling by completing an alcohol/drug assessment and recommended treatment plan will have their cumulative points reduced by ONE POINT.
  • Students are eligible to reduce their points by a maximum of 2 points per semester.   
  • Students may only use options B and C one time each during their time at Hendrix   
  • Students are not permitted to "bank" points.  0 points is the lowest level of points.    
  • Students who successfully return from a required leave under this policy will receive a forgiveness of 5 points for that action.

Relationship between the Conduct Record and the Points Based Sanction System for Controlled Substance and Alcohol Violations
All violations of the Student Conduct Policy, including alcohol and controlled substance violations, are recorded on a student’s conduct record. While the number of points accumulated by a student may be reduced through actions of the student, the violation that resulted in those points will remain on the conduct record. Decisions of suspension and expulsion will remain permanently in the student’s file. All records of major violation conduct action or conduct probation (including as a result of having 6 points on the Points Based Sanction System for Controlled Substance and Alcohol Violations) will remain in the student’s file and will be kept by the Dean of Students Office for three years past graduation date. All student records of minor violation conduct action will be expunged after the student graduates.

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