Student Handbook


Each student is responsible for treating all areas of the residential facilities as a home and keeping them damage free. Vandalism is prohibited at Hendrix College. Thus, each student is responsible for any damage resulting from acts of vandalism committed by themselves and/or a guest(s). Residents are expected to report acts of vandalism to the Residence Life staff. Damage(s) to common areas will be charged to all residents of a particular wing, floor or living area unless it can be determined who is specifically responsible for the damage(s).

Student Handbook Contact Info

Jim Wiltgen
Dean of Students
(501) 450-1222

Kesha Baoua
Assoc. Dean of Students;
Director of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
(501) 450-1222

De Ann Huett
Administrative Assistant 
(501) 450-1222



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