Student Handbook

Responsibility for Your Room

The College provides basic room furniture. No alterations are to be made to this furniture, and no structures are to be built on which furniture pieces will be placed. You may loft your furniture by means of the headboard/footboard pieces and bunking pins provided by the College, but may not build or use any sort of platform or item with the intention of using it for this purpose. At this time, beds in Raney Hall may not be bunked or lofted. Beds may not be triple bunked.  Mattresses must be on a bed frame – never resting directly on the floor.

As College-owned furnishings meet our safety standards, and storage space is non-existent, residents may not remove furniture from rooms/apartments or put it in the hallway. Furniture items that are damaged and/or missing from rooms at the end of the year will be charged to all occupants of the room at the replacement rate. Additional furniture brought into the room must be freestanding and clear of all existing fixtures, heaters/ air conditioners, windows, window screens, and mechanical equipment.

Closet doors must be left attached. 

Residents may not paint any part of their room, apartment, furniture or equipment. Contact paper is also prohibited as it is difficult to remove and will cause damage.  Residents may not add any flooring that will attach to the provided floor covering.

Students should be careful when removing anything adhered to any painted surface. Even though some products claim to remove safely and easily, they do not always live up to their word. Any paint damaged caused by the removal of any adhesive product will be charged to the student.

Stickers and decals may not be applied to windows, furniture, walls or doors. Dartboards are prohibited. No decorations of any kind should be placed on or hung from the ceiling   Additionally, no decorations of any kind should be placed between the glass and blinds on windows.  Any curtains should be located on the side of the blinds facing the interior of the room.  Items visible from a window that are inappropriate or offensive will be subject to removal.  Also, no decorations of any kind may be placed across hallways or walk spaces. Residents may not use any object in such a manner which creates a hole, no matter the size, in any wall, ceiling or piece of furniture provided.

All decorations should reflect College standards and values and comply with College policy. 

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