Student Handbook


Window screens are to be fastened at all times. Removing or tampering with the screens is prohibited. Security screens must be kept fastened at all times. Residents are responsible for keeping their window screens in good condition. Screens that are found damaged or missing will be replaced. The cost for replacement will be charged to the occupants of the room or apartment. If screens or windows are vandalized, residents should immediately report the incident to Facilities Management and the building staff. 

For safety and security reasons neither people nor are objects permitted to pass through windows in College-owned or operated residential facilities.

Residents may not install or place any objects, appliances or equipment in or on windows, sills, roofs or ledges. Prohibited objects/equipment include, but are not limited to satellite dishes, air conditioners, fans, lights, plants, containers of any type, shoes and clothing. 

In order to prevent the growth of mold, windows must be kept closed when the room’s air conditioning unit is turned on.

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