Student Handbook

Alcohol Policy Violations

Alcohol violations are designated as either minor or major based on the criteria stated in the Handbook. Though the designation assigned to each complaint involving a Policy violation is based on the particulars of the complaint, some general categories of major and minor alcohol violations may be identified. These categories would include, but not be limited to, the following:

Minor Violations:

• public consumption

• public intoxication

• possession by a minor

Major Violations:

• serving to minors

• over possession as defined by Hendrix College. Per person, this includes but is not limited to: quantities over one case (30 – 12 oz. containers) of beer/malted beverage OR two (1 L) bottles of wine OR one (1L) bottle of spirits/hard liquor, OR a 26

reasonable combination of these types, kegs (whether full or empty,) and other common serving containers, etc.

• serving to individuals already intoxicated

• driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated either on or off campus

• intoxication leading to harm to self or others

• intoxication leading to property damage, disruption to the community, or other violations of Hendrix College Policy 

• manufacturing alcohol (without prior written permission for academic purposes)

In the absence of clear mitigating circumstances (resident away for the evening, etc.), all residents of the Hendrix room or apartment in which a major Alcohol Policy violation occurs will be charged with the violation.

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