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Housing Contract

Students will sign housing contracts online via CampusWeb.  Keys will only be issued after the housing contract is signed. By signing a housing contract students commit to on-campus housing for the entire academic year. The agreement is a contract between Hendrix College and the individual mentioned in this document and may not be transferred or assigned to another person. The space assigned may not be sublet. The academic year, with reference to housing, is defined as the day on which the residence halls open at the beginning of the fall semester, through the last day of final examinations at the end of the spring semester. Seniors and specially designated participants in the graduation exercises will be permitted to remain in their rooms until graduation day, at which time they must vacate the facilities.


During check-in, each resident is issued a room key and a Room Condition Report (RCR). It is the resident’s responsibility to thoroughly examine their room/apartment and its contents, indicating the room/apartment condition and the absence or presence of its furnishings.  This form gives residents the opportunity to document the condition of their room/apartment at move-in and will be used when students move out to note any damages incurred during their stay. Students must complete and sign this form when checking in to their new assignment. Otherwise, it will be assumed the room/apartment was in excellent condition at move-in and all damages at check-out will be assumed to be the responsibility of the resident(s).  The signed form should be submitted to the staff of the assigned facility during the day of check-in. Failure to do so will result in a fine, and if applicable, an additional lock change and key replacement fee.

Whenever possible, a staff member will accompany the resident to the assigned space and assist the resident with any questions or concerns as the resident examines the space during the check-in process.  No resident will be held responsible for conditions, damages, or shortages which existed prior to the time he/she assumed occupancy provided these items are noted on the RCR at the time of check-in.  Failure to return the completed form may result in charges for room deficiencies for which the new occupant is not responsible.

All residents must sign a housing contract and are responsible for all policies and procedures listed therein.


Residents are responsible for the condition of their rooms/apartments, including the furnishings and equipment, and will have their room/apartment inspected at the time of check-out for damages that were not present at check-in. Final damage inspection and charges will be conducted by a professional staff member. The proper check-out steps are listed below.

Vacate and clean your room completely.  This includes cleaning the floor, removing trash from the building and returning the room to the condition it was in at check-in.  There is a fee per person, per room left in unacceptable condition.  Other charges may apply. Residents must remove all personal belongings from their living space, and thoroughly clean prior to their check-out appointment.

Return your key to the staff member responsible for checking you out.  This staff member will check the room for damages or missing items.  Charges for damages, missing items, and/or items remaining in the room/apartment/common area will be applied to the student’s account. Students will be billed for any damages not due to normal wear and tear and for any cleaning or hauling of trash left in the room/apartment/common area.

In individual rooms and apartments, damage charges will be divided equally among all residents unless the person(s) responsible for the damage informs the Residence Life Office in writing that the roommates are not equally responsible for the damage. Damage charges will be assessed by a professional staff member during a room/apartment inspection after residents move out.

Improper Check-Out

Failure to properly check-out will result in a fee.  When permanently checking out of a room, residents must make an appointment for check-out at least 24 hours in advance.  At the end of the year, you will receive instructions about how to sign up for a checkout time.  You must sign up for a check-out time at least 24 hours in advance of your departure.  If you do not check out with your RA, a fee of $75 will be charged to your student account.  If a key is not returned, an additional fee will be charged for a key re-core of the room or apartment.  Students who leave after scheduled closing times without permission from the Residence Life Office will be assessed a $75 fee.

Withdrawals and Leaves of Absence

Students who withdraw, are dismissed from the College, or leave voluntarily are required to follow proper check-out procedures within 24 hours of their withdrawal, dismissal or leave.

Abandonment of Personal Property

Personal property left in a living unit after you have moved out, whether by proper or improper check out, will be deemed to have been abandoned and will be removed at your expense. The College will not be responsible or liable for any losses of or damages to any abandoned property.

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