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Health Risks Related to Alcohol

Health Risks Related to Alcohol
Short-term effects of alcohol use include:
• distorted vision, hearing, and coordination
• altered perceptions and emotions
• impaired judgment
• bad breath
• hangovers

Long-term effects of heavy alcohol use include:
• loss of appetite
• skin problems
• sexual impotence
• malnutrition (food substitution; digestion interference)
• delirium tremors: disorientation, hallucinations, memory loss
• brain damage and possible permanent psychosis
• cancer of the mouth, esophagus, or stomach due to alcohol irritation
• heart disease, enlarged heart, or congestive heart failure
• liver damage, including cirrhosis, liver cancer, and alcohol hepatitis
• irritation of the stomach lining causing ulcers and/or gastritis
• damage to the adrenal/pituitary glands
• fatal bleeding from esophagus
• birth defects or injury to the fetus during pregnancy
• respiratory depression
• increased aggressiveness, possible abuse of others
• impairment of coordination and judgment

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