Student Handbook

Pets and Other Prohibited Items

In compliance with fire and safety codes, the following appliances are not approved for use in any residential facility:

  • Halogen lamps
  • Cooking appliances with an exposed heating surface
  • College-provided stoves in apartments are the only exceptions.
  • Space heaters
  • Refrigerators larger than 5.4 cubic feet
  • A fridge with a very low electrical draw and a high energy star rating is recommended.
  • College-provided refrigerators in apartments are the only exception.
  • Microwave ovens larger than 1.5 cubic feet

Other materials that are prohibited from use in residential facilities include:

  • Flammable liquids and chemicals
  • Cut Christmas trees or boughs
  • Candles or other items with a wick, lit and unlit
  • Incense, lit or unlit
  • Halogen or quartz light bulbs and lamps
  • Extension cords without circuit breakers
  • Firearms and fireworks

Prohibited practices involving fire safety include: any modification of existing electrical equipment such as outlets, light fixtures, wiring, etc.; running electrical cords under carpeting; running electrical cords through a doorway or window; connecting high wattage appliances or other electronic equipment to outlets by extension cords that do not contain breaker switches; decorating a student room by hanging or placing items such as tapestries, flags, or posters on the ceiling or in a way which covers vents on appliances or electronic equipment; overloading an electrical outlet; any practice which constitutes a fire hazard (i.e., careless use of smoking materials, etc.).


For health and sanitation reasons, no animals, reptiles, amphibians, crustaceans or anything other than fish, including laboratory specimens, are permitted in College-owned residential facilities. This includes pets of guests or visitors who may be present in the building for any length of time. This policy does not apply to fish in a tank of 20 gallons or less.  Pets will be removed from the building and the owner(s) will be subjected to disciplinary action and a minimum fine of:

  • $50.00 per pet, per day 
  • Current flea treatment charge.
  • Cleaning/damage/replacement costs attributed to the presence of the pet.

Satellite Dishes

The installation of television satellite dishes to College-owned apartments is prohibited.

All College-owned apartments are pre-wired for cable television, and students may obtain this service through the Conway Corporation, the city’s cable TV provider. The installation of satellite dishes and coax and related equipment can cause damage to roofs, eaves and walls of apartments. 

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