Student Handbook

Facilities Policies

Repairs and Maintenance. All repairs or maintenance problems should be reported to Facilities Management. On-line work order forms may be found at Facilities Management can also be reached at (501) 450-1348. Repairs and maintenance must be performed by authorized personnel only. Residents must report maintenance concerns to Facilities Management in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in charges being assessed to residents.

Residents may not modify locks, College-owned appliances, plumbing, electrical circuits, or other structural elements of their rooms/apartments or anywhere in the building.

Tapping into cables and College satellite dishes is prohibited.

Facilities Management personnel are permitted access to the living units in order to make repairs. When possible, notice of room entry and completion of work order will be left in room or on exterior door. 88

Laundry Facilities. Laundry facilities are available in most buildings. All campus residents have access to buildings with laundry facilities. If clothing or belongings are damaged due to machine malfunction or when a machine is inoperable, residents should call the telephone number listed on the laundry equipment. These machines are owned and serviced by an outside company. Residents must follow posted regulations in the laundry rooms. When the laundry cycle is complete, remove your clothes from the machine promptly so that others may have a turn.

Always use the minimum amount of HE detergent necessary for each load. Overuse of detergent causes over-sudsing, under-rinsing which results in wetter clothes at the end of the wash cycle. Then it will take the dryer two cycles to dry them and they may be crunchy. Also, don’t overload the machines with too big of a load.

Laundry machines are coin-free during the academic year. During other times of the year, the machines are coin-operated.

When you are finished with the washing machines, please leave their doors open. These machines are air tight and will begin to smell if they are not allowed to "breathe" between loads.

Housekeeping. Although our housekeeping staff cleans all common areas during the week, residents are responsible for regularly cleaning their own rooms/apartments. Failure to maintain living quarters to the expected minimum standard of cleanliness is cause for conduct action and eviction from College-owned housing.

Under no circumstances are trash cans, trash bags or trash to be left in the hallways, outside student rooms/ apartments or in common areas.

A good rule to follow is to pick up after yourself and always leave spaces cleaner than you found them.

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