Academic Affairs

Academic Programs of Study

Humanities Area

Art Department

Art major | minor
Art History minor

English Department

English-Literary Studies major | minor
English-Film & Media Studies major | minor
English-Creative Writing major

Languages Department

Chinese     information
Classics  major | minor
French  major | minor
Spanish major | minor

Music Department

Music major | minor

Philosophy and Religious Studies Department

Philosophy major | minor
Religious Studies major |minor

Theatre Arts & Dance Department

Dance minor
Theatre Arts major | minor

Natural Sciences Area

Biology Department     

Biology major | minor

Chemistry Department

Chemistry  major | minor
Chemical Physics major 

Mathematics & Computer Science Department

Applied Mathematics minor
Computer Science major | minor
Data Analytics minor
Mathematics major | minor

Physics Department

Physics major | minor
Chemical Physics major

Social Sciences Area

Economics & Business Department

Accounting major | minor
Business minor
Economics major | minor
Economics & Business major | minor 

Master of Arts in Accounting    program

History Department

History major | minor

Politics Department 

Politics major | minor

Psychology Department

Psychology major | minor

Sociology/Anthropology Department

Sociology/Anthropology emp. Anthropology major
Sociology/Anthropology emp. Sociology major
Anthropology minor
Sociology      minor       

Interdisciplinarity at Hendrix

Africana Studies minor
Asian Studies minor
Biochemistry — Molecular Biology major
Chemical Physics major
Classics major | minor
Data Analytics minor
Environmental Studies major
Gender and Sexuality Studies minor
Health Science      major
Interdisciplinary Studies major
Social Justice minor
Study of the Mind & Neuroscience   major | minor

Pre-Professional Programs and Specialized Advising