Academic Affairs

Engaged Learning Opportunities

The Hendrix Odyssey Program

This academic program is designed to encourage all Hendrix students to embark on educational adventures in engaged learning. Students are given recognition for completed projects in an Odyssey section of their academic transcripts. Graduation requirements include the completion of an approved activity in at least three of the following categories.

  • Artistic Creativity: Experiences in which students explore their creative potential in art, music, dance, drama, or creative writing.
  • Global Awareness: Experiences in which students immerse themselves in cultures or environments other than their own and engage in appropriate opportunities for reflection.
  • Professional and Leadership Development: Experiences in which students apply their intellectual interests through internships, other opportunities for working alongside professionals on site, or leadership in community life or professional settings.
  • Service to the World: Experiences within and beyond the Hendrix community in which students are engaged in helping meet the social, ecological and spiritual needs of our time.
  • Undergraduate research: Experiences in which students undertake significant research projects using the methods of their chosen discipline.
  • Special Projects: Experiences in which students extend, apply, connect or share different ways of knowing (e.g., oral, verbal, tactile, imaginative, intuitive), often in inter-disciplinary settings.

For more information, visit the Odyssey Program website.

Other experiential learning opportunities include: