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Distinguished Scholarships

Distinguished Scholarships are nationally and internationally competitive awards that support students of demonstrated achievement and unusual promise. The tangible support may be financial and/or programmatic.  Some awards are for your remaining undergraduate years of study, while others are for post-graduate experiences such as graduate study, international experiences of various kinds, or other forms of special pursuits. Receiving such an award, or in many cases simply being your college’s nominee for one, carries distinction and value that transcends the tangible award and may follow you throughout life. 

To discuss whether seeking a distinguished scholarship is right for you, or for more information on any awards listed on this page contact, Dr. Dorian Stuber. Students interested in particular opportunities should contact the faculty representative who can outline the application timeline and requirements in detail. In many cases, applicants for distinguished scholarships require an institutional endorsement for an application to proceed.  Students should contact Career Services for information about numerous other grants and scholarships for post-graduate study not listed here. 

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