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Greetings, Hendrix Community!

We begin by sending you our best wishes during these trying times.

Please know that The Writing Center is still here for you!

As we weather the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue providing remote writing assistance.

However, we are also taking limited in-person appointments following all the appropriate safety protocols. If you book one, please wear a mask at all times, maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet, and bring or send your Writing Associate an electronic copy of any work you would like to discuss. 

We will work by appointment only. Simply go to the link above, follow the instructions, and we will take care of the rest! Here's information on how remote appointments work.

For remote assistance, there are two appointment options: synchronous (which happens in real time through a video or audio chat) and asynchronous (which happens through email). Choose the one that best suits you! 

You can book in-person appointments using the same system. Just find the correct tab and check the available time slots. In-person meetings will be conducted with all the necessary precautions in the Reading Room on the second floor of Bailey Library.

Contact Felipe Pruneda Sentíes, Director, at if you have any questions or concerns. 

Best of luck! We look forward to working with you again.

In solidarity,

The Writing Center

Writing can be a lonely activity, but it is much, much better when it is not. Testing your writing with an audience before you submit it is a valuable skill. The Hendrix College Writing Center is a collaborative place where trained readers assist you in sharpening your words. We are devoted to giving students the tools to become more confident and efficient writers. 

Regardless of major, Writing Associates - all fellow students - assist writers in developing academic writing skills and strategies such as...

  • analyzing assignments
  • finding personal inspiration for a topic
  • writing to a general or specific audience
  • revising to improve the flow of ideas
  • using proper style to format a paper and to cite sources
  • identifying and avoiding frequent grammar and wording errors
  • working with peers to elicit feedback on writing

Associates will not plagiarize by... 

  • editing a student's paper to fix all grammar and wording errors
  • writing or rewriting any part of a paper

To get the most out of a visit, students should bring...

  • the professor's description of assignment
  • ideas about how to approach the topic
  • a printout of the work completed so far
  • specific questions to ask the associate about the paper

Schedule & Contact Information


We will have in-person appointments in the Reading Room on the second floor of Bailey Library. We are also conducting virtual appointments.

Hours of Operation  

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