Academic Affairs

Distinguished Scholarships Awarded

Watson Fellowships (37)

2020- Claire Fleming

Enhanced Livelihood: Seeking International Workplace Practice

Uganda, Kenya, India, and Colombia

2020- Mackenzie Gearin

From Persecution to Refuge: Grassroots Peacebuilding in Displacement

Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, and Sri Lanka

2019 - Allison Monroe

Building Agency through Bioliteracy: Modern Insect Conservation
Madagascar, South Africa, and Costa Rica

2016 – Jessa Thurman

From Extermination to Appreciation: Ethnoentomology and Connecting to the World through Insects.

Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Peru, and the United Kingdom

2015 – Audrey Morrow
Coast-to-coast In Search of Equity
Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Guatamala

2014 – Alison Harrington
Partnering with Fungi to Improve the Human Landscape through Transformative Decomposition
Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Namibia, Ecuador, Costa Rica

2014 – McKenna Raney
Uncovering Emotional Connections in Human-Equine Partnerships
Argentina, France, Iceland, Ireland, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Australia

2013 – Maia Yang 
Sharing in their Stories: Microfinance from the Female Perspective 
Bangladesh, Vietnam, Rwanda, Peru 

2012 – Wyatt (Dillon) Blankenship 
A Detour by Way of the Beehive: Traditional Apiculture in a Changing World 
United Kingdom, Tanzania, Egypt, India, Russia 

2012 – Laura Podd
Extraordinary Bodies: Perceptions of Disability in the Developing World 
Romania, Thailand, El Salvador 

2010 – Nathan Thomas
Educational Prosperity: Cultural Education in Four Metropolitan Schools
India, South Africa, Australia, Finland

2009 – Trenton (T.C.) Elliott
Beliefs and Biomedicine: Investigating Culture and Health in the Tropics
Brazil, Vietnam, Tanzania

2009 – Benjamin Lownik
A Revolutionary Vehicle: How Bicycles Transform Lives Throughout the World
Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, China, Hungary

2007 – Sabrinah (Ariane) Christie
Female Beauty and Body Alteration
Jamaica, China, England, Mexico

2006 – Tori Sutherland
A Study of Women's Health Care in Four Developing Nations
El Salvador, India, Botswana, Senegal

2004 – Sarah Jacobson
Heritage Management and the Search for National and Ethnic Identity
England, Spain, Mexico, Peru, the Ukraine

2002 – Elizabeth “Liza” Mueller
When Development Reaches the Beach: Sea Turtles and Ecotourism
Brazil, French Guiana, Galapagos Islands, Seychelles, Greece, Mexico

2001 – Kendall Collier
The Unlikely Leader: Leadership Styles of Empowered Women
Argentina, South Africa, India, Nepal, Vanuatu

2001 – David Scott Cunningham
The Acadian Legacy: Exploring the State of Modern Descendents of the Acadians
Canada, France, St. Dominigue, Martinique, Falkland Islands

2001 – Katy Montgomery
Spirituality and Sustainability in Ecovillages Around the World
Australia, India, Italy, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark

2000 – David Doyle
Dance as Expression & Therapy
United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Japan

1998 – Karen Steelman
A Study of Conservation and Museum Display
United Kingdom, Australia, Chile and Costa Rica

1997 – Sarah King
An Exploration of Quilting and Quilting Societies
Western Europe, Australia and Japan

1996 – Misty Leigh Williams (awarded but not pursued)
Treating Cancer and Its Victims
Australia, Great Britain, Thailand, India

1994 – Gustavo H. Zajac
The New Europe: Impact on Jewish Communities
Western Europe, Russia, Israel, Hungary

1993 – Wendy R. Anderson
Empowering the Female Voice
Palestine, Russia, China

1992 – John A. “Jay” Ball
Socialism with a Human Face: Political Cultures in Transition
Tanzania, Czechoslovakia

1992 – Dabney D. Hailey
Effects of Major Political Shifts on Public Art
Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia

1991 – Bruce W. Martin
Changes in the Society and Landscape of England from Thomas Hardy to the Twentieth Century
Great Britain

1991 – Julie A. Nolte Owen
Religious Phenomena and Marian Pilgrimages
Yugoslavia, France, Ireland, Egypt

1990 – Tim McKenna
Environmental Problems and Policies
New Zealand

1990 – Anna Cheiron Barnes
Strategies for Women’s Development
Kenya, Liberia, Jamaica

1989 – Jaleh Mansouri
Archaeological Excavations of Roman Ruins
England, West Germany, France, Italy

1988 – Daniel Harton Spatz, Jr.
A Documentary Study of Cultural Change
Zaire, India

1987 – Annette M. Stroud
Study of Islamic Culture
Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Pakistan, Malaysia

1986 – Amy E. Raymond
Prehistoric Gynocentric Religious Images
Greece, England, Turkey, Crete

1985 – George F. Sawaya
Studying Tropical Diseases
United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, West Africa

Fulbright Scholarships (31)

2017 – Jessa Thurman, Research Grant to Australia

2016 – Megan Hull, ETA to Germany

2016 – Grace Oxley, ETA to India

2016 – Rachel Zweig, Research Grant to Spain

2014 – Sara Hales, ETA to Italy

2014 – Nicholas Drake, Research Grant to China (declined)

2013 – Anna Broadwell-Gulde, ETA to Brazil

2013 – Josephine Reece, ETA to South Korea

2012 – Dan Gibbens-Rickman, ETA to Austria 

2012 – Elizabeth Pond, ETA to South Africa 

2012 – Morgan Shelburne, ETA to Indonesia 

2011 – Jayce Hafner, Research Grant in Trinidad and Tobago 

2011 – Lana Allen, ETA to Malaysia (declined) 

2011 – Gina Gordon, ETA to South Korea 

2011 – Dietlinde Heilmayr, ETA to Austria 

2011 – Colleen Mayo, ETA to South Korea 

2011 – Tyler Schroeder, ETA to Germany 

2010 – Blake Smith, Research Grant to France

2010 – Lauren Bartshe, ETA to Germany

2009 – Rachel DeCuir, ETA to Thailand

2009 – Jessica Rood, ETA to Germany

2007 – Andy McCormick, ETA to South Korea

2006 – Matt Stinson, ETA to Germany

1999 – Russell Roberson, Research Grant, New Zealand

1999 – Jonathan Whitlock, spending a year in Leipzig, Germany studying neurocognition and visual memory

1997 – Jennifer Wethington ETA to Austria

1997 – Emily Johnson to study welfare states in Scandinavia (with a special emphasis on Finland)

1997 – Heather Watson to study the Sorbs, a minority group in the Leipzig region of Germany

1994 – Brad Spear

1993 – Julie McSpadden

1992 – Richard Swafford

Fulbright Summer Scholarships  

2015 – Emily Hardick, Summer Institute at Bristol, "Slavery and the Atlantic Heritage"

Goldwater Scholars (34)

2020 — Rebecca Parham

2019 — Sarah Nicholson and Kate Sanders

2017 – Honorable Mention:  Megan Cassingham, William “Billy” Gardner, Claire Turkal

2016 – Sydney Fobare (Karthik Garimella, Honorable Mention)

2015 – Jake Higgins (Jessa Thurman and Grant Zurcher, Honorable Mention)

2014 – Stephen Kyle Wilshusen, Honorable Mention

2013 – Macrina Butler, Kaleigh Clary, Vincent Gammill, and Konstantin Gruenwald

2012 – Erik Urban (Calvin Cochran and Kristen Finch, Honorable Mention) 

2011 – Annie Greenaway, Colin Hoy, and Sarah Thompson (Erik Istre, Honorable Mention) 

2010 – Sarah Thompson, Honorable Mention

2009 – Emily Marie Harris and William James Porter III (Laura Anne Johnson and Daniel Christopher Totten, Honorable Mention)

2008 – Kelly A. Zalocusky (Bethanie Rachele Edwards, Luke Adam Erickson, and Adam M. Jacobs, Honorable Mention)

2007 – Erica A. Siebrasse

2004 – Christina Barnes

2003 – Peter Horn

2002 – Jared Williams

2001 – Brian Alford

2000 – Andrew Colin Blair and Ben M. Goodwin

1998 – Russell S. Roberson

1997 – Todd M. Tinsley

1996 – James A. Cole and Gary W. Russell

1995 – K. Russell DePriest and Jennifer Powell

1994 – Sheryl L. Davis

1993 – Lars K. Seme

1991 – Omer L. Shedd

1990 – Renee S. Holmes

1989 – Thomas E. Huston

Udall Scholars 

2012 – Emily Deitchler (Elizabeth Elmore, Honorable Mention) 

Pre-doctoral Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

1997 – Jennifer Powell (molecular genetics at the University of California, Berkeley)

Council of Independent Colleges' American Graduate Fellow

2008 – Jennifer Tate (English Literature at Washington University)

Austrian Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs U.S. Teaching Assistantship (2)

2015 – Kyle Wicks

2012 – Dan Gibbens-Rickman

Truman Scholars (3)

2011 – Annie Greenaway 

2001 – Kerri Maxwell

1992 – David McCoy

Jack Kent Cooke Scholars (2) (scholarship has been discontinued)

2006 – Katie Hamilton

2004 – Kerri Maxwell

Rhodes Scholars (6)

2001 – Ben Goodwin

1960 – Warren Miles

1950 – Charles Hamilton

1918 – E.H. Stephenson

1916 – James H. Bishop

1910 – Claud D. Nelson

Rotary International Scholars (7)

2019- Rachel Zweig

2008 – Kim Barratt

2007 – Katie Allison Pratt

2001 – Maureen McClung

1999 – Shawn Johnson

1993 – Robert Thompson

1983 – P. Allen Smith

French Government Teaching Assistantship in English (3)

2017 – Emily Hardick

2012 – Heather McPherson

2008 – Lindsay Fuller (declined)

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholars (5)

2014 – Joshua Hall to study in Brussels, Belgium

2014 – Brittany Hearn to study in Poland

2011 – Ashley Lynn, Heilongjiang, China 

2010 – Caitlin Mulkern, Spain

2008 – Harmony Hudson, Ghana

USA Today All-USA College Academic Second Team 

2009 – Erica Siebrasse (created Ridin' Dirty with Science, a fun science summer camp for elementary school children) 

Marshall Scholarship (2)

2016 – Sean Alexander

1965 – James A. Means 

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship 

1965 – Dr. James A Means

Critical Language Scholars (2) 

2015 – Colleen Kremer

2014 – Cameron Meek