Academic Affairs

Honorary Degrees

The Committee on Honorary Degrees is now accepting nominations for honorary degrees (given to individuals) and for the Spirit of Hendrix award (given to organizations or other entities). Below is some further information about these awards. If you would like to make a nomination, please complete the online nomination form by September 1st, 2023.

The Honorary Degree

The highest award offered by Hendrix College is the honorary degree. The College awards honorary degrees on a selective basis to distinguished individuals who merit exceptional recognition for substantial achievement and distinction in a field or activity consonant with the mission of the College as articulated in the Statement of Purpose. Through its choice of honorary degree recipients, the College makes a public declaration of its own values. This award is distinct from other awards offered by the College in that it is not limited to, while not excluding, alumni or those making a direct impact on the College.

In instances when an organization rather than an individual is granted the highest honorary commendation from the College, the honor will be called the Spirit of Hendrix award.

An honorary degree may be awarded to a person or organization satisfying the following criteria:

  • Outstanding accomplishment in the honoree's field, with national status wherever appropriate;
  • Demonstration of the values articulated in the Statement of Purpose of the College, making the honoree a fitting role model for students;
  • Some tie to Hendrix, Arkansas, or this region of the country which makes recognition especially appropriate.

The following persons associated with Hendrix College are able to nominate candidates to receive honorary degrees:

  1. The President
  2. Current and former members of the Board of Trustees
  3. Current and retired members of the Faculty and Staff
  4. Alumni
  5. Current students
  6. Parents of current students and parents of alumni

Nominations are vetted by the Committee on Honorary Degrees, comprised of representatives from the Faculty, Administration, Alumni, and Board of Trustees. Both the Faculty and the Board of Trustees will vote to endorse a candidate before an honorary degree is granted.