Catalog 2024-2025

Chemical Physics

Teaching Faculty

Professors Hales, Hatch, Spayde, Tinsley, and Wright 
Associate Professors J. Gunderson and W. Gunderson


Major in Chemical Physics

14 courses distributed as follows:

Mathematics (Three courses)

  • MATH 130 Calculus I
  • MATH 140 Calculus II
  • MATH 260 Differential Equations

Physics (Four courses)

  • PHYS 230 General Physics I (Calc-based w/Lab)
    PHYS 235 Physics I-Workshop (w/Lab)
  • PHYS 240 General Physics II (Calc-based w/Lab)
    PHYS 245 Physics II-Workshop (w/Lab)
  • PHYS 305 Vibrations and Waves
  • PHYS 430 Quantum Mechanics

Chemistry (Four courses)

  • CHEM 110 General Chemistry I (w/Lab)         
  • CHEM 120 General Chemistry II (w/Lab)
  • CHEM 240 Organic Chemistry I (w/Lab)
  • CHEM 310 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy

Electives (Three courses)

  • CHEM 320 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics
    PHYS 470 Thermal Physics
  • Two courses from:  
          CHEM 350 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
          CHEM 440 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
          PHYS 340 Electronics (w/Lab)
          PHYS 420 Electrodynamics

Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience in Chemical Physics consists of completing the Senior Capstone Experience for either the chemistry or physics major.

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