Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department

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The Chemistry Department is located on the second floor of the Charles D. Morgan Center for Physical Sciences. We offer

  • Small classes
  • Excellent facilities
  • Award-winning faculty
  • Modern instrumentation
  • Undergraduate research

These are just a few of the reasons why graduates of the Chemistry Department at Hendrix College excel in research, medicine, politics, law, education, public service, industry, and many other rewarding careers. The department is approved by the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Professional Training for providing a “broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that gives students intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to become effective scientific professionals.”

Learn to think

Our research-rich curriculum is designed to help students become independent, thinking leaders in science. This is accomplished through experience with first-class instruments at even the introductory level, group projects, and inquiry-based assignments. Participation in faculty sponsored research solidifies this education. Hendrix is special because we help students "become themselves" by tailoring our academic program to their interests. This program is designed to help students become life-long, creative problem solvers using chemistry. To this end, the program helps students to 

  1. acquire the fact-based knowledge necessary to understand chemistry as citizens and practice it as scientists, 
  2. design and execute laboratory experiments,
  3. develop the critical thinking skills necessary to assess and assemble facts and data,
  4. work effectively individually and in groups,
  5. communicate chemistry effectively in written and oral forms, and
  6. assess the ethical implications of their work and its impact on our society and environment.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Respect in the Department of Chemistry:

  • Hendrix College values a diverse learning environment as outlined in the College’s Statement on Diversity.
  • Learning is enriched and enhanced by diversity of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, race, culture, socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, political views, and other visible and nonvisible differences.
  • We value the continued development of a respectful and welcoming community where all students, faculty, and staff interactions are guided by inclusion, support, appreciation, and respect.
  • We work together to ensure that, regardless of background or previous experience in Chemistry, our learning community is inclusive to all, such that every student has the opportunity to be successful in our classes and reach their full potential.
  • We encourage and appreciate open communication within our community on how our department can foster a more welcoming and inclusive learning environment.

Dr. David Hales ACS-ApprovedChemistryProgram-cmyk-logo
Chair, Department of Chemistry
O:  501-450-1203      
F:  501-450-3829