Catalog 2020-2021

Philosophy and Religious Studies

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Faculty contacts: Ablondi and Williamson


The major in Philosophy and Religious Studies allows students to employ the literature and approaches of both fields to gain an understanding of topics, issues, and questions that historically are of common concern between practitioners, major historical figures, and contemporary scholars in both fields. Philosophy and the study of religion grow out of the human search for wisdom, especially as regards questions of who we are, how we should live, what is ultimately true, whether and where ultimate purpose can be found, and the distinctness or identity of the sacred and the mundane.  The joint major engages students in the exploration of these and similar topics from the vantage point of scholarship across both disciplines.


Major in Philosophy and Religious Studies

10 courses distributed as follows:

  •   no fewer than four courses in philosophy 
  •   2 must be chosen from 
              PHIL 285  Ancient Philosophy 
              PHIL 302   Early Modern Philosophy 
              PHIL 306   Late Modern Philosophy  
  •   No fewer than four courses in religious studies 
  •   PHIL/RELI 370  Philosophy of Religion  (may be counted towards the four courses in either philosophy or religious studies) 
  •  LBST 497 Liberal Arts Senior Colloquium
      PHIL 497 Senior Thesis
  • At most 2 of the 10 courses may be at the 100-level


Senior Capstone Experience

At the end of the junior year, students choose between LBST 487 Liberal Arts Senior Colloquium and PHIL 497 Senior Thesis .  The latter option is for students who seek and receive approval  by the Philosophy department for a significant undergraduate research project.

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