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Biochemistry-Molecular Biology

Teaching Faculty

Professors Caro, Dearolf, Duina (chair), and Hales
Associate Professors Harper, Murray, and Schurko   
Assistant Professor C. Scott


Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (BCMB) is an interdisciplinary major aiming at an in-depth understanding of living systems at the molecular level. Students in the BCMB major learn about cell structure, its characteristics from a biological and biochemical perspective, and its intricate and complex functions through which basic life processes are governed. To this end, the curricular structure for this major includes courses from various disciplines in the Natural Sciences, including biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. In addition to the standard coursework, the BCMB curriculum emphasizes the importance of a research experience through which the students are exposed to the state of the art techniques used by researchers in this field. The major also prepares undergraduate students interested in pursuing interdisciplinary graduate programs, such as genetic engineering, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.

BCMB majors may not earn a second major or minor in either chemistry or biology.

Major in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology

14 courses distributed as follows:

  • MATH 130 Calculus I
  • MATH 140 Calculus II
  • PHYS 210 General Physics I (w/Lab)
    PHYS 230 General Physics I -Calculus-based (w/Lab)
    PHYS 235 General Physics I -Workshop (w/Lab)
  • CHEM 110 and 120 General Chemistry I and II (w/Lab)
  • CHEM 240 Organic Chemistry I (w/Lab)
  • CHEM 250 Organic Chemistry II (w/Lab)
  • BIOL 150 Cell Biology (w/Lab)
  • BIOL 250 Genetics (w/Lab)
  • CHEM 320 Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics
  • CHEM 330 Biological Chemistry (w/Lab)
  • CHEM 335 Advanced Biological Chemistry
  • BIOL 355  Eukaryotic Cell Biology
  • 1 additional upper level elective course from the following list 
              BIOL 310 Developmental Biology (w/Lab)
              BIOL 320 Animal Physiology (w/Lab)
              BIOL 325  Neurobiology (w/Lab)
              BIOL 340 Microbiology (w/Lab)
              BIOL 370 Plant Physiology (w/Lab)
              BIOL 435 Cancer Biology (w/Lab)
              BIOL 465 Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics (w/Lab)
              BIOL 470 Molecular Genetics (w/Lab)
  • Research (BCMB X98  Independent Research (non-credit), or BCMB X99   Independent Research (credit) ,  subject to approval by the BCMB faculty 
  • BCMB 497 BCMB Senior Seminar , which does not carry course credit.


Research credit can be earned for work pre-approved by the BCMB chair done either: 

  • during one summer (at least 8 weeks full-time work) at Hendrix or an off-campus summer research experience such as work under an REU program; or 
  • during two semesters work at Hendrix.


Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience consists of a comprehensive examination, the submission of a research paper based on the student's research, and participation in BCMB 497 Senior Seminar which includes an oral presentation of the student's research. The research paper and oral presentation will be assessed by members of the BCMB faculty.

Program Course Listings

The courses for this program are organized into the following categories:

Biochemistry-Molecular Biology Courses

BCMB 497

BCMB Senior Seminar

Oral presentations by students of their original research. Non-credit. Prerequisite: Senior-standing


Independent Research (Non-credit)

Non-credit course. Students interested in independent research in BCMB should contact the program chair.

Undergraduate Research UR

Independent Research (Credit)

Credit course. Students interested in independent research in BCMB should contact the program chair.

Undergraduate Research UR
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