Catalog 2020-2021

Double Counting of Courses

Many courses satisfy more than one Collegiate Center requirement. That does not necessarily imply that a student may use a course to satisfy all of those requirements. The following guidelines apply:

  • The Engaged Citizen can not satisfy Learning Domain, Capacities, or major or minor requirements;
  • A course used to satisfy a Capacities requirement may also be used to satisfy a Learning Domains requirement;
  • A course with two or more Learning Domain codes may be used to satisfy only one Learning Domain requirement;
  • Courses taken to satisfy major or minor requirements may also be used to satisfy Collegiate Center requirements, subject to the restrictions stated above;
  • In the case of multiple-coded courses, a student may elect to change which code the student wants to apply for satisfaction of the Collegiate Center requirements. This change can occur at any time before graduation;
  • Course credits received by Advanced Placement (AP) exam or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam do not satisfy Collegiate Center requirements except for Quantitative Skills (QS) courses.

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