Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

B.2.a. Faculty and Chairs

The Faculty. The Faculty consists of the President, Provost, Vice Presidents, and all officers of instruction above and including the rank of instructor. The professional librarians are considered officers of instruction; thus they are Faculty of Hendrix College with voting privileges. Other staff and adjunct teaching staff are invited to take part in Faculty meetings but cannot vote. The Faculty meets upon the call of the President or Provost, makes rules governing its own procedures, and constitutes such committees as may be required.

The Faculty, subject to the approval of the Board, prescribes requirements for admission, for graduation, for degrees and courses of study, rules, and methods for the conduct of the educational work of College. The Faculty recommends candidates for all academic and honorary degrees. The Faculty also has broad responsibilities in the area of student life.

Area Chairs. The President appoints Area Chairs. The Provost advises the President on the selection after consulting with the current Area Chairs and gathering advice from all Faculty in the area. The Provost may also seek advice of students majoring in departments within the area. The Area Chair should be a leading Faculty member within the area and must be a tenured Associate Professor or Professor in the area. The Area Chair normally should have had at least three years of experience at Hendrix College. In exceptional circumstances, these criteria can be modified.

Typically an Area Chair serves for a single term of four years. In normal circumstances, an Area Chair’s teaching load is reduced effectively by the equivalent of three courses per year, and committee assignments are normally limited to ex officio assignments.

Each Area Chair advises the Provost and, as necessary, the President, on all matters concerning his or her area and on matters of common College-wide concern. The specific responsibilities of the Area Chair include the following:

  • coordination of the academic programs, course schedules, and teaching loads within the area;
  • setting the agenda for, calling, and presiding at area Faculty meetings;
  • oversight of area operating and capital outlay budgets;
  • advisement of the Provost on matters of personnel, rank, tenure, promotion, and compensation;
  • conducting the scheduled evaluations of area Faculty members;
  • allocation of Faculty development or travel funds;
  • provision of liaison between the area Faculty and the administration;
  • coordination of supervision of the facilities and equipment of the area;
  • membership on the Council on Academic Policy, the Committee on Faculty, and the Committee on Faculty Grants.

Department and Program Chairs. Department and Program Chairs are appointed annually by the President on the advice of the Provost. The Provost consults with the Area Chairs in this matter. All departmental members of the Faculty are also consulted regarding the appointment of Department and Program Chairs. The Department and Program Chairs Handbook in Chapter I contains more detailed information.

The Department and Program Chairs play a leadership role for their respective departments or programs and the College. The tasks of a Department or Program Chair at Hendrix College include the following. (Some of these duties may be delegated to others. Listed items are not rank-ordered in importance.)

Educational Duties—integrating departmental functions into the educational process:

  • coordinates the curriculum, course schedule, advising, and advanced placement within the department or program;
  • chairs regular departmental or program advisory committee meetings;
  • oversees the administration and grading of capstone experiences and comprehensive examinations;
  • coordinates the selection of persons for departmental honors (such as prizes or graduation with distinction);
  • coordinates student career placement and graduate school and professional school applications;
  • oversees departmental acquisitions for the library; and
  • keeps in contact with various off-campus constituents for student referral and general off-campus activities.

Administrative Duties—integrating departmental functions within the College structures:

  • prepares and submits departmental or program operating and capital budget requests and controls expenditures;
  • prepares inventory, orders supplies, and oversees the acquisition and maintenance of equipment for the department or program;
  • coordinates the applications for and management of external grants in support of the department or program;
  • participates in the scheduled evaluations of departmental or program members of the Faculty;
  • coordinates departmental or program self-evaluations and assessment of student learning;
  • chairs searches for new departmental or program Faculty members and support staff and coordinates their orientation;
  • supervises work-study students and support staff, including adjunct teaching staff;
  • communicates and interprets departmental or program requirements and policies to other parts of the College, prospective students, off-campus groups, and other constituencies;
  • confers with the Office of Institutional Advancement and Planning regarding gifts to the College designated for the department or program;
  • maintains departmental or program records (such as course enrollments or profile of graduates); and
  • fulfills other responsibilities as assigned by the Area Chair, the Provost, or the President.