Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

E.1.b. Attendance and Inclement Weather Policy

This section applies to all Classroom Teachers.

Class Attendance

At Hendrix, we believe that regular student attendance in class is necessary for student learning, constitutive of student professional development, and a central component of the Hendrix experience. Therefore, students who do not attend classes have failed to meet an important standard of achievement by not living up to their responsibilities as a member of the campus community. This is particularly true given the emphasis on student discussion and participation in many Hendrix courses. Classroom teachers often consider attendance a significant factor in the evaluation of student performance. Thus, students are expected to attend all class meetings, even in cases when the classroom teacher chooses not to take attendance.  

If students must be absent from class, they are expected to communicate with the classroom teacher as specified in the relevant course syllabus. Students will be excused for absences resulting from observance of religious holidays, cases of illness, and athletic competition, as well as any additional reasons as determined by the classroom teacher (e.g., conference travel, Model UN). Students do not need to present third-party documentation for absences related to physical or mental illness. Misrepresenting reasons for an absence to a classroom teacher is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy. 

Individual classroom teachers are expected to make clear their specific policies for class attendance in their course syllabi, including the timeline for and nature of what, if anything, is needed to make up for excused absences. Because repeated absences impair academic performance regardless of the reason for the absences, classroom teachers shall contact the student and report repeated absences to their advisor. If attendance does not improve, the classroom teacher shall inform the Office of Academic Success.  

After following this procedure, classroom teachers may, at their professional discretion, remove from their courses any student whose unexcused absences over any three-week period reach or exceed 50% by notifying the Registrar prior to the deadline for withdrawing from a course. A student removed from a course under these circumstances will be notified by the Office of the Registrar through the student’s Hendrix email account. A student may appeal this action by contacting the Registrar within three business days of the drop notice date. The Registrar will forward the appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee for review and action. 

Inclement Weather Policy

As a result of inclement weather, the College may alter its regular operations as follows:

  • Late opening/closing. Offices will operate at hours other than normal; classes will be held only within the announced time period for office operation.
  • Campus closed. Only essential administrative and staff personnel will be on campus. Offices will be closed and classes will be cancelled.