Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

I.9. Additional Resources

Additional Resources

  • Heifetz, R. A., 1998, Leadership without easy answers, Harvard University Press. 
  • Heifetz, R. A. and Linsky, M., 2002, Leadership on the line: Staying alive through the dangers of leading, Harvard Business Review Press.
  • Higgerson, M. L., 1996, Communication Skills for Department Chairs. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing,  
  • Holterhoff, S., 2014, Strategies for Implementing a Strategic Plan: Making Sure Your Plan Doesn't End Up on the Shelf 
  • How to Make Strategic Planning Implementation Work - https://www.liveabout.com/how-to-make-strategic-planning-implementation-work-1919184
  • Implementing a Vision: Strategy, Tactics and Business Plan - https://slideplayer.com/slide/5683340
  • Parks, S. D., 2005, Leadership can be taught: A bold approach for a complex world, Harvard Business Review Press.
  • SWOT analysis for schools|education|colleges|universities - http://rapidbi.com/swot-analysis-for-schools-and-education/ 

NOTE: Some material in this section taken and modified with permission for the DePauw Univerisity Deptchairpedia project.