Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

E. Faculty Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and expectations of Hendrix Faculty arise from a shared commitment to the liberal arts enterprise and the breadth and depth implied in that enterprise. Given individual differences in professional interests, abilities, and talents, the details of each Faculty member’s contribution to this enterprise will vary. While the College celebrates this diversity, it is also true that there is a core of shared expectations concerning Faculty roles and responsibilities to which we all ascribe. The academic quality and climate of the College are in large measure dependent on our collective allegiance to these central expectations and responsibilities. Further, as equity is crucial to community morale and stability, faculty and the College at large must be willing to respond to individuals whose work as Faculty members varies significantly beyond the range of our shared expectations.

Our responsibilities and expectations as Hendrix Faculty members fall into three dimensions: student development, professional development, and community development. Although we recognize their interdependence, we can define our general expectations in each dimension.

Section E.1. includes information for all Classroom Teachers.