Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

E.1.d. Student Privacy

This section applies to all Classroom Teachers.

Hendrix College recognizes that its students have a right to privacy, a right which has been guaranteed them by federal law since the passage of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“The Buckley Amendment”) in 1974. The school’s basic policies concerning privacy are documented in the Catalog.

Hendrix classroom teachers are expected to respect the privacy of their students. As the AAUP Redbook states, “Information about student views, beliefs, and political associations which professors acquire in the course of their work as instructors, advisors, and counselors should be considered confidential.” (9th Edition, 2001. p. 262). Student grades and general academic performance and abilities should be regarded as confidential as well. However, information about a student’s class attendance, academic performance, grades, and prospects can be shared with officials of the College who have a legitimate educational interest in such knowledge, without the student’s express consent. This group would include the student’s advisor, other classroom teachers of that student, counselors or coaches or supervisors of other extracurricular activities the student may be engaged in, and personnel from the Office of Academic Affairs, including the Registrar, Executive Director for Advising and Academic Success, and the Director of Academic Success.

Response to parental inquiries depends on whether or not the student is still legally dependent. That is, it depends on whether or not the student is listed as a dependent on the parent’s federal tax return. If so, then the parent has a legal right to know how the student is faring in classes. If not, the student must give authorization before the classroom teacher can discuss the student's academic performance. Typically, around 90% of Hendrix students sign the form declaring that they are still dependents. Classroom teachers should learn which if any of their students and advisees are independent, in case they are asked by parents about a student’s academic performance.