Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

E.2.a. Faculty Teaching Loads


The teaching and learning process lies at the center of the Hendrix College mission. Teaching is the primary responsibility of Faculty members at Hendrix College. We expect one another to prepare diligently for classes; to conduct those classes with enthusiasm and skill; to post and keep regular office hours and encourage our students to consult with us outside of class; to be ready to supervise their independent studies, research projects, and internships; to advise and mentor students; and to serve as examples of persons committed to the pursuit and sharing of knowledge.

Faculty Teaching Loads

The standard teaching load for a full-time Faculty member under the semester calendar is the equivalent of six courses per academic year. Teaching schedules are proposed by departments and programs and approved by the Committee on Faculty. A Faculty member’s teaching load typically includes both lower and upper level courses and may be a mix of regularly scheduled courses, music ensembles, studio instruction, laboratories, theatre productions, research supervision, or coaching. Below is a chart of teaching load equivalencies for faculty members with load assignments besides regularly scheduled courses.

Independent studies, while common, are undertaken at the discretion of the Faculty member. They are not part of a normal teaching load and Faculty members do not receive a stipend for independent studies.

Having endorsed the important role which experiential learning plays in a Hendrix education, the Faculty is committed to providing opportunities for experiential learning within or beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Credit for team-taught courses is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Provost in consultation with the Committee on Faculty. Teaching loads may be reduced to permit Faculty to assume significant administrative responsibilities or for other compelling reasons; on rare occasions, program or student needs may cause Faculty members to assume a heavier course load. Typically, first-year tenure-track Faculty members receive a one-course reduction in their teaching responsibilities.

Teaching Load Equivalences

Assignment - Course Equivalency
Activity Course - 1/3 course
Laboratory Section - 1/2 course
Music Ensemble, Major, 4 hrs/week rehearsals - 1 course
Music Ensembles, Combined Minor, 4 hrs/weeks rehearsals - 1 course
Music Studio Instruction or Accompaniment, 6 hours/week - 1 course
Regular Course - 1 course
Science Research Supervision* - 1½ course
Theatrical Production-Design - 1 course
Theatrical Production-Direction - 1 course
Dance Ensemble Production-Direction - 1 course

   *The standard teaching load is six course equivalents (lab sections count as a one-half course equivalent). Faculty with course reassignment for research have a teaching load that is 75% of the standard teaching load. The purpose of this reduction in classroom teaching load is to enable Faculty to develop and maintain a sustainable program of research involving undergraduates. The reduction is contingent upon maintaining a level of publication and grant writing that will enable the Faculty to secure sufficient continuing external support. The decision to continue or discontinue this reduction is made in conjunction with the normal Faculty review cycle. When decisions are made concerning continuation of course reassignment for research, differences in need and funding availability that are dependent upon discipline and research focus are taken into consideration.