Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

B.1.a. President's Office

The President of the College (Karen Petersen) is the chief executive officer of the College and supervises all officers and departments both academic and business. The President presides over the Faculty and is the official medium of communication between the Board of Trustees and the students and Faculty. The President nominates all officers of the college, all professors and instructors, and recommends promotion. The President makes an annual report to the Board of the work and conditions of the institution, and makes recommendations for the welfare of the College. The President is the official representative of the College on all public occasions. The President prepares and submits the budget and is responsible for its execution. The President reviews the agenda for faculty meetings with the Provost. The President has authority to constitute any administrative councils among officers and teaching staff for the purpose of the wise administration of academic and financial affairs. The President is responsible for the efficient administration of discipline and internal affairs of the College.

The Executive Assistant to the President (Donna Plemmons) in the Office of the President coordinates the work of the President’s Office. The Executive Assistant to the President drafts correspondence and documents, schedules appointments and travel for the President, coordinates the agenda and arrangements for the Board of Trustees meetings, and serves as a resource for the total program of the College while maintaining information and details related to the administrative structure and organization of the College.

In addition to the Senior Leadership Team [B.1.b.], the following individuals are direct reports to the President:

  • Associate Vice President for Development (Ginny McMurray)
  • Associate Vice President for Alumni and Constituent Relations (Pamela Owens) 
  • Chaplain (Ellen Alston)