Faculty Handbook 2023-2024

D.1. Criteria for Evaluation

While the evaluation process considers a variety of criteria in appraising the success of Faculty, these criteria are not weighted equally.

Excellence in student development is clearly our first concern, as the communication of ideas among Faculty and students is at the heart of our mission. The classroom is typically the focus of this criterion.

Hendrix realizes that student development occurs in other contexts as well. Odyssey projects, undergraduate research projects, internships, and directed readings are all instances when teaching and learning occur. In addition, both in the formalized student advising process and through mentoring discussed in the Faculty Duties and Responsibilities section, crucial student development activities are carried out. Beyond this, informal conversations throughout the campus, over coffee, and even on the playing fields produce important instances of student development brought about by the activity of Hendrix Faculty.

In addition to excellence in student development, Hendrix focuses on aspects of professional development. We expect our teachers to be both engaged with and knowledgeable about their disciplines. Accordingly, the evaluation process looks for evidence of professional development in areas of scholarly activities, research where appropriate, involvement with professional organizations, and participation in disciplinary meetings.

Development of the collegiate community is the other major component of the evaluation process. Criteria for evaluation in community development include factors such as contributions to the work of the Faculty as gauged by the quality of performance on committees, and participation in the life of the College outside the classroom. This participation may be represented in diverse ways, which may include advising clubs or student organizations, participating in faculty forums, attending community sporting events, accompanying students to research conferences, listening to musical groups, and contributing to admissions-related activities. Clearly what we seek are Faculty who believe in and work to strengthen and support our liberal arts community.